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  2. If Team Management wanted to try an old player it would have made more sense to try Varun Aaron. He may benefit from working with a different bowling coach like Bharat Arun. He may also improve like M Shami, I Sharma and U Yadav have under Bharat Arun. Can you imagine the following bowling attack for Tour of Australia: J Bumrah S Shami I Sharma B Kumar U Yadav V Aaron
  3. If rajma is made properly it tastes amazing. I love it when my punjabi friends make it.
  4. Oh yeah creatin is available easily. Beef is a good source though. I dont like it it smells like a cow and mutton smells like a goat. I stick of white meat and sea food.
  5. Ad Astra - beautiful cinematography and an ethereal soundtrack but a rather mediocre film with a wafer thin plot.
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  7. http://www.cnbctv18.com/finance/arcelormittal-repays-essar-steel-lenders-rs-40000-crore-transferred-to-sbi-4872901.htm ArcelorMittal repays Essar Steel lenders, Rs 40,000 crore transferred to SBI first big victory for IBC, slimy Ruias tried to get out of paying the money, but the govt persisted.
  8. Same match Sachin couldn't even get 100 lol Pant played on biggest patta of all and It was a dead rubber 2nd innings in England lol
  9. It is clear now that western style democracy is not sustainable. For democracy to function perfectly as @Vilander said, Indians must be Indians first and become a-religious. But forcing people to prioritize their national identity over their religion is self denial in a way, only works best in atheistic societies.
  10. Don’t rely on google which shows up wire and national herald fake assertions read his autobiography or a biography of all spectrum to arrive at a center opinion. Suggest a recent one from Vikram Sampath Also, the fake narrative on his mercy petition from the man himself. Not every pro view is hagiography and not every anti view is fake, but wire and NH, please, let’s get real. Agreed, that he had some ordinary solutions for India’s problems, but mercy petitions is totally not fair. He was confined to solitary confinement for decades, while Nehru and Gandhi are serving time in palaces with tea and morning newspapers. He may have thoughts about his fight in lalapaani is a waste, while he can relent and look weaker while he can be out and serve the cause better. https://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2018/11/17/Veer-Savarkar-s-Mercy-Petitions-Facts-and-Context-above-the-Censure.html
  11. Oh wow cool. Actually I don't know why I said tam brahm . Most tams like curd rice to be fair .
  12. I really wish he is...have reached a stage with our white ball cricket that plummeting to rock bottom in T20 WC might be only way to start climbing back up
  13. Just look at Shastri's face - he's got a smirk as if to say ,"if u sutiyas really think i mean everything i say, then you are even bigger sutiyas than me...ask and i will spin the answer whichever way i want". Players treat media like **** these days, all of the blame for which lies with pathetic journalism standards..but Kohli-Shastri co really take even us fans for sutiyas.
  14. Another pathetic choice after Unadkat, Kaul, Dhawal Kulkarni and the recall of Nehra in between. Simply can’t look at a young pacer. Wonder how much of this is Bharat Arun’s influence. Guys who have played him as A coach or NCA coach keep getting picked, younger pacers left to toil in domestic cricket. I sometime wonder ifKohli should be given any credit for the success of our Test pacers. Their success is largely due to their own hard work. Kohli’s default choice are defensive seamers who float the ball, all the so called support for express pacers is just big talk.
  15. My bad, i got the two T20 WCs mixed up..it was 2014 when yuvi and others failed to support Kohli. Kohli should never have been given captaincy, he is an excellent individual player...tbh, i too was so desperate to see the back of Dhoni, that i welcomed transition to Kohli. Shows why having a proper succession plan and grooming right person for captaincy is so crucial, and something only selectors and those close to players can do. I hope we identify the next captain carefully, and we should be open to split captaincy as well. Shreyas, Mayank look best bets for now.
  16. As for the age and experience is concern, Misbah was perfect, but you have to account the person's previous behavior/character as the player too. Also at the most Misbah could have been tried as the coach only, not as the chief selectors and coach of Islamabad United also. He was failure as the captain and now so far both as coach and selector. Boucher was a great player , still young and must be energetic , so not a bad choice at all. Yes, I'm from Pakistan, living in US for long.
  17. Too many sifarishi players getting into our LOI squads these days. We will never win a major trophy with this approach.
  18. I'm afraid guys like Saini, Prasidh, Mavi are never gonna be selected for LOIs. I blame the captain the most. He just doesn't have the balls to demand exciting young quicks into his side or may be he is just dumb. It's definitely one of these two LOL. Also they have this notion that fast bowlers can only have a place in test matches. Personally I think the more you think, the more you're gonna get frustrated by these morons. So its pointless.
  19. One needs to ask what kind of qualifications chewts like Boria have. Is there any value add to the audience? He sounds like a mentally challenged farktard. Even the normal audience has better knowledge than him. All these are honestly seefarishi journalists.
  20. https://www.hotstar.com/in/sports/cricket/vivo-ipl-2020/game-plan-vivo-ipl-auction/1260014903 Gambhir- BCCI is suppose to groom youngsters not IPL franchises
  21. Our coach is a teenager at heart. Does it count? By the way correct me if Iam wrong but you are from Pak right? Misbah fits the bill so you are ok with him?
  22. After this interview ,boria must pack his Boria bister and be hambister with this Bewda and see the best results Sala sutiya bana raha hai journalism ka
  23. I know what they were, Pointless waste of time that had no impact on the final outcome. No disrespect to the freedom fighters who genuinely wanted to take part with the true belief in their hearts. unfortunately it wasn't enough. The whole azaadi bina khadg bina dhaal is a bunch of bs that has been fed to us. By the way did Nehru or Gandhi ever go to Kaalapani jail?
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