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  2. If by Kashmir conflict never existing it is meant. Pak never invaded kashmir then it gets interesting. Pak never invaded kashmir, then it never had any issues with china ( for it to cede the Karakorum valley or for it to come to India to try and allign in a unified strategy against China initially or India to reject it ). Now in this scenario China and India had problems and fought a war, Pak continued to be US pet and after fall of Soviet union, Afganistan is annexed to pakistan the loyal US/saudi ally ( so complete strategic alignment between pak and US). And after Ind/China war one of two outcomes happened. China won in western front ( Karakoram/Askai Chin and lost in eastern front Arunachal/Tibet. Or lost on both or won both ( unlikely due to geography). China won west . Pak is prosperous , predominantly sunni, hates India but feels much superior, did not create terror so has high HDI and US loves it. India is similar as today but lost karakoram heights and Askai chin to china but managed to keep control of Gilgit and has a tense corridor and gas pipeline to central asia. India is more pro Russia/China than US which is Anti India. China ( No impact just regional , does not have Pak as lap dog no CPEC , may be made kazakistan/Iran as its alley and is alied with Iran/Russia against US/Saudi. China lost both. Not much of a difference from above scenario. But India is more prosperous and is a Russian alley, China due to successive defeats to other countries is in a more retreated state as a nation state. India is the behemoth hegemon in the region ( replaced current reality China) Pak no change. China won both, Pak no change ( No durand line), full strategic embrace with US. India submissive yet very vast middle class nation. China ( controls full of Kashmir/Tibet and is a super power) So basically if Pak had not wanted Kashmir and instead kept to itself , it would have done far better for itself and would have strategic depth vis-a-vis India because Afghanistan would have been annexed to it as a regional stabilizing force. India would have anyway had to deal with independent chinese aggression to hold all high points in Himalayas and result could have gone either way or been a stale mate as it is now. Net net, because of Pakistanis stupid attraction to Kashmir , India and Pak have vacated strategic space to China/Taliban and Iran. And US has lost strategic heft in south Asia, Russia has lost strategic heft in south Asia. Man this is like perfect story for Chinese rise no wonder they love pakistan now.
  3. zen

    Current Favorite Films

    Favorite 12 from Bollywood. Will list "masala" films as that is why I mainly watch Bollywood for. Many of the great films, along with the classic rona-dhona ones, from 50s-70s, the golden age, could be ignored here: Ram aur Shyam. Dilip Kumar x 2 Jewel Thief. Some of the Dev Anand's old films are timeless Johny Mera Naam. Dev Anand! (said with my neck in convolution) Sachaa Jhutha. Dil ko dekho, cheera na dekho Deewar. Billa 786 Sholay. "Gabbar Singh, mein aaaa raha hoon" Sanyasi. Manoj kumar is funny! Has some great songs as well! Don. Arre Diwano. Qurbani. One of the slickest Bollywood films! Aab Jama? Vidhata. Dilip Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar and Amrish Puri. Coolie. Has some great sequences. Though the songs could have been better - what is "tamboo mein bamboo" Karma. Har karam apna karenge
  4. Don't be a sucker - the ICC doesn't dance unless the ECB pulls the strings. with CA's quiet but unshakeable spport. This conflict is BCCI's to fight. Alone. It will not prevail if it attempts to woo support from ECB/CA. The re-structuring of the ICC voting committee has tilted the levers of power away from the BCCI - no longer can it assert its will by 'buying' votes of SL, BD, WI and Zim. And even those votes - apart from SL's are on the other side.
  5. If Kashmir conflict never existed meaning. After Kashmir ceding Pak never invaded or India repulsed the invasion fully in both frontiers and soundly defeated both pak and china to such an extent that they lost interest in kashmir and did not do any proxy wars there. Then right now India will have a pipeline from Russia and would have had boots in ground in Afganistan.
  6. that is based on actual numbers. BJP has bigger base has more lawmakers in this chart so 39% of that is more in actual numbers. its overall pathetic that so many are law breakers ( convicted or alleged is not apparent in the pic )
  7. there are many Hindus who circumcise as well and its a minor aspect to hide.
  8. Just curious, why is it saying lootane instead of lootwane ?
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  10. Bcci, ECB and ACB should be ready to walk away if ICC insists on diluting the multi nation tournaments. Even if it means a couple of years of less cricket, there is no way icc should be allowed to cram a 30-40 day t20 tourney in an already crowded cricket calendar
  11. Among newer ones I loved The Irishman and Once Upon a time in Hollywood the most.
  12. Who cares if some thin skinned bhakts get their panties in a bunch? Srt is at least real unlike the many other figments of imagination that people get so offended on behalf of.
  13. i wonder if these are the words that Virat and Ashtray used when addressing Thakur or junior team members.
  14. lol how very convenient That’s a wrong way of looking at it. ( When someone challenges their opinion and asks not to be patronized by goras and stop hyping someone as God) Its just an expression and we should be proud to be liberal enough to use (when it comes your own opinion). There are no right and wrong here maniac baba there is just perception.
  15. To talk about greatness of a film in absolute terms relatively, there is The Greatest Film thread. Here, we discuss our favorites (which can be great as well) and guilty pleasures. The list can include films from various genres and languages. To avoid reading like a laundry list, restrict the list to your Top 5 (favorite five) to Top 12 (the dirty dozen). Below is my English films list (the dirty dozen) in no particular order except the order of release in most cases (note that the below can change w/ time or anytime ): A Charlie Chaplin film. One from The Kid, City Lights, The Gold Rush, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, .... Rebecca. Film Noir. Its has that haunting gothic feel to it as well. Black Narcissus. A Powell-Pressburger masterpiece. Something about nuns in a beautiful location and impacted by a palace that uncovers hidden desires. Vertigo. Another Film Noir by Hitchcock. A great use of colors and an excellent score by Bernard Herrmann. A Bond (007) film. My favorite series. Doctor Zhivago. An epic by Lean but w/ more "masala" in it relatively Suspiria. A brilliant gothic horror film. An Indiana Jones film. One from the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade Lethal Weapon. Gibson and Glover = double fun. The Mummy. A wild ride in Egypt. Inception. Oh boy, a dream within a dream within a dream! The Grand Budapest Hotel. Stunning!
  16. That’s a wrong way of looking at it. We don’t have such a closed idea of god like some of the Abrahamic religions. Calling Sachin a god of cricket is just praising how good he was at his skill. For example would you consider the song Tujhme Rab dikhta hai as blasphemy? It’s just an expression that the poet/lyricist is trying to convey. Dravid once said on Ganguly’s offside strokes - on offside first there is god and then there is Saurav It is just an expression. If people start building temples and actually worshipping Tendulkar on a regular basis then we have a problem. I know @Gollum will spam the response with pictures of some idiots doing Yagna with Sachin’s pic but they are what they are idiots. In fact Sachinistas on this forum like @New guy @maniac @Laaloohave made fun of Sachin’s political stint . Its just an expression and we should be proud to be liberal enough to use god as an expression for something that is magnificent in this case Sachin’s skill.
  17. Well to take that statement and "rephrase" it is completely inaccurate.
  18. Perfect post, how well you conveyed what i tried to convey as well in many rant filled posts makes me feel you are a columnist. You write too good man your cover will get blown.
  19. I am rephrasing as I heard it long time back but it was more like "they hanged Kasab for killing people but when Modi killed so many people they put him on a throne" something to that effect. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  20. Since In Parenthesis uses a mix of poem and prose, it is among the most intellectually challenging books that I have read. At times, I read a paragraph 2-3 times to grasp its meaning - writing is wonderful. An excerpt from the book: "Machine-gunner in Gretchen Trench remembered his night-target. Occasionally, a rifle-bullet raw snapt like tenuous hide whip by spiteful ostler handled. On both sides the artillery was altogether dumb. Appear more Lazarus figures, where water gleamed between dilapidated breastworks, blue slime coated, ladling with wooden ladles; rising, bending, at their trench dredging. They speak low. Cold gurgling followed by labours. They lift things, and . a bundle-thing out; its shapelessness sags. From this muck-raking are singular stenches, long decay leavened; compounding this clay, with the more precious, patient of baptism; chemical-corrupted once-bodies. They 've served him barbarously - poor Johnny - you . wouldn't desire him, you wouldn't know him for any other. Not you who knew him by the fire-light nor any of you cold-earth watchers, nor searchers under the flares. Each night freshly degraded like traitor-corpse, where his heavies flog and violate; each day unfathoms yesterday unkindness; dung-making Holy Ghost temples. They bright-whiten all this sepulchre with powdered chloride of lime. It's a perfectly sanitary war."
  21. Hey, sachin was special and will always remain right up there. was talking abt the 99 series in Windies, btw..this innings in particular https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Duz--5hHmNEY&ved=2ahUKEwja5qXG29vnAhVn6XMBHTNvBFoQwqsBMAR6BAgIEAQ&usg=AOvVaw31z5tGkAyCCbkUsgf-AQRA
  22. They made it sound like respectable profession like Fork lifter. What is cattle lifter? A thief!
  23. no chance....its just 2 test series Opener backup - gill is there keeper backup - saha is there
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