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  2. dhonis six vs australia in austalia
  3. That was like last ball six in an elimination game.
  4. He scored a useless 50 against Csk.Patel is a trundler.
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  6. jalebi_bhai

    Far from madding crowd, MS Dhoni trains alone at NCA

    @Rasgulla @Number Kindly avoid the abusive name-calling of players. It is against the forum posting guidelines
  7. No, it is not. Media does not belong to Sadjeh or anyone. Also, why did you not show your love towards what pollack's comment. What wrong did he say? Why do you always find politics in everything. Why don't you see from the view point of the players and may be he is being honest here!!!
  8. Singh bling

    FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia | 14th June - 15th July

    What a match , best goal of tournament
  9. Holy moly,kroos scores a last minute winner ,he's surely gonna be a national hero for saving their arse!!
  10. KRoos you beast......... Die Mannschaft!!!! Never write off Germany!!!!
  11. Didn't he hit some 50s? I think the other DD all rounder Harshal Patel is better. Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
  12. Stradlater

    Has there been a player more cringy than Hardik Pandya?

    That's true. The guy would never manage to capture fans' imagination like Tendu did. Show off
  13. Just from the currently active players ... Andre Russell, Dwayne Bravo, Jason Holder, Sunil Narine, Chris Morris, Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Shakib Al Hasan, Shane Watson etc.
  14. UrmiSinhaRay

    Has there been a player more cringy than Hardik Pandya?

    He is still a big fukra Even if he breaks all of Sachin's record, he will never be remembered for his cricketing achievements. Already casual audience know him more for his MC-BC, Weird Bollywood Hobnobbing and marrying Anushka Sharma . After 50 yrs, he will be remembered as the cricketer who managed to marry a A- grade filmstar while his teammates had to stick with C-D grade ones.[emoji16] This one pic summarizes his entire legacy as a celebrity : Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
  15. not sure .. mexico is slick
  16. vishalvirsingh

    Has there been a player more cringy than Hardik Pandya?

    I agree to quite an extent about hardik. But God has made us with some differences- some guys are crazy, kinda fake, they like show off a lot, even kambli was like that. body tatoo's n all that. but there is some thing different about this guy... HIS confidence is extremely HIGH- he thinks himself as if he is as important as VIRAT kohli in the team, smiles at the bowlers bowling at him= kinda exhibits a lot of confidence, some times hits very impressive big Shots and bats like Kapildev used to do, i mean murders some Spinners at will like Kapil dev. his BOwling is no where close to Kapildev's bowling..if kapildev would get a 9 on 10..this guy would get a 5 on 10 and shankar would get a 2.5 on 10 and binny wud get a 4 on 10 as he some times also swing the ball. but on fielding if i wud give hardik 9 on 10 , kapil was 5 on 10, binny 4 on 10 and shankar 3 on 10. in batting kapil cud get 6 on 10 where as hardik cud get 5 on 10 and shankar wud get a 4 on 10.
  17. Germany will get knocked out tonight if they don't win ,even a draw ain't enough as i believe Sweden will easy get a good result against Mexico. Looking grin for Germany atm
  18. UrmiSinhaRay

    Has there been a player more cringy than Hardik Pandya?

    I only compared him to Neymar because he himself tries to model himself of Neymar . Unfortunately Neymar is 100 times of more talented and hardworking in football than Hardik can ever be. And there is really no incentive to improve as well because the nearest competitor is Vijay Shankar The Great[emoji16] Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
  19. Cricket_Fan

    Is qualification for 2026 WC a realistic goal?

    Height doesnt mean that you have the same physical quality as a European or African.I played soccer both in Kerala and weekend leagues here in USA with other nationalities.You can clearly see the phyiscial difference . And even to qualify WC we still need to beat strong Asian teams including Australia for which all those grassroot coaching and leagues come into play.
  20. MAvi and nagarkoti are both close to playing for INDIA- why the hell are they not picked here for INDIA A. deepak chahar and other pacers selected in india A are definitely not ahead of MAVI and Nagarkoti...yes khaleel could be a better option but i think shardul/deepak are as good as mavi and nagarkoti definitely not better than them.
  21. His fielding- he missed some seriously easy catches in IPL... HIS batting against a lowly Bangladesh in a t20 when he was trembling against two bowlers bowling at 133-136K and missing balls and trying to get himself out many a times... HIs Batting- his IPL batting was hporrible, his INDIA batting in t20 was so bad that he is lucky to be playing in india A. HIS BOwling- his faster balls are 125 to 133K and his slower ones are 115 to 125K, with this he bowls some slow bouncers and some kinda full tosses..Binny was much more accurate than him. Hardik is much faster than him. SHould not be picked in ODI,t20 and tests for INDIA, even deepak chahar as pace all rounder is better than him.
  22. Kumar Sanu's greatest song would have to be Ek Ladki ko dekha to Aisa laga. His best no doubt.
  23. Right you decided beforehand and yet continue to quote people without evidence. Neither do you understand how Hindus view divinity, you are projecting your islamic view of religion and philosophy onto a different civilization. As expected nothing to back up your original claim that they were exceptions. Why don't you admit you just made that statement while lacking any sources to back that up. Shifting goalposts, first you stated that they didn't view them as human beings, then you realized you were full of it, so you shifted to equal human beings. Make a claim, when you can't prove it, claim it is a non-issue so you can avoid proving it. No one said otherwise, you claimed it was commonplace for 2400 years, prove it Cite a sacred text which says dalits are banned from entering temples and show that it was applied uniformly over India for the 2400 years you claimed. Not only they are allowed to read vedas but it's even said that a shudra should not even listen to vedas while they being recited. So it's because the Upanayana ceremony or the samskaras which is not performed in case of Shudra ,they are not allowed to read , listen or to study veda. And that's why it's not allowed in smiritis. === If this is true, then I could also understand why some temples are not letting enter the Shudars, while Vedas are recited in these temples, while Dalits are not allowed to even listen them. this is cherry picking From the same page you linked to, this is said: https://www.wisdomlib.org/hinduism/book/brahma-sutras/d/doc62931.html Sutras 34-38 disqualify the Sudra for the knowledge of Brahman through the study of the Vedas. But it is possible for them to attain that knowledge through the Purânas and the epics (Râmâyana and Mahâbhârata). On the other hand, the Yajur Veda itself states, referring to the Vedas: You are basically claiming that one 'scripture' is followed while the other is not You are also implying that temples, which are dedicated to Ram, Krishna, etc who are the subjects of the Ramayana, Mahabharata are closed off to Sudras(and Dalits and Tribals ) who together form about 80% of the total population of Hindus, despite your own link stating that they are authorized by that text to study it... Then let us end it here... It is also a myth that Buddha severed himself from religion and traditions ( Hinduism), but whatever...
  24. Forever Indian

    Has there been a player more cringy than Hardik Pandya?

    He should try this cut next:
  25. Switchblade

    Has there been a player more cringy than Hardik Pandya?

    He looks scared tense and quite worried when he is going back to his run up .
  26. Kohli seemed much bigger fukra ( a good for nothing show off) before he started winning matches for us.
  27. I find bhuvi's expressionless face very annoying.
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