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  2. Jaiswal has all the shots in the book.. would be interesting to see how he fares against better bowling attacks in the next round
  3. So Umesh, Shami and Bumrah. Hope we rest Bumrah in T20s
  4. Ponting Mcgrath (Andre Nel but he wasnt great lol) Never saw Miandad live, would qualify for most jahil cricketer ever
  5. 12 wides and 7 leg byes. The coach needs to work on that.
  6. Tyagi needs to deliver from close to stumps. He will be lethal at this level.
  7. Wont call them better bcz Mavi and Koti had X factor. Probably 3-4k quicker too on avg speeds.
  8. Have not seen him come close to the stumps while bowling in these 2 matches.
  9. Today
  10. Rakibul Hasan from Bangladesh just took a hattirck
  11. In his last few overs each and every ball was delivered from wide of the crease.
  12. Bishnoi was running in like a left arm spinner and bowling right arm leg break. Looked quite ridiculous.
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