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  2. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    Good to see you back man and yes India has horrendous away record absolutely true, its 23-2 actually outside asia since 2011, reason for that is lack of quality genuine quicks, inept captaincy and management see in the below pic, regarding ishant we have the replacement actually we have another genuinely quick pacer in domestics called as navdeep saini, constantly bowling 140-145k and getting wickets for fun he can easily replace ishant but kohlis reliance on the seniors is the obstacle, you have any genuinely quick pacer in u19???
  3. I do enjoy watching this England one day side, but they will choke under pressure in 2019. They'll get close like the CT and WT20, but they won't win it. Ultimately Bayliss will be judged on the WC and if we don't win it (which we won't) I will deem him a failure due to what he has done to the Test team.
  4. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Shorter formats, yes.
  5. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Time for Aussies to realize the mistake..what u say.
  6. Don Bradman once did it in 1936-37 Ashes on a wet wicket. The idea was for the lower order to spend some time while the wet wicket was exposed to the sun, hence making conditions easier for the top order batsmen. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/17549/scorecard/62643/Australia-vs-England-3rd-Test-england-tour-of-australia-1936-37/ As you can see Bradman (no 3 batsman) came at no 7 as did other top batsmen like Fingleton and McCabe. Numbers 9, 10, 11 were top 3 and other lower order batsmen too were pushed up (wasn't a complete reversal per se). The previous innings England had been bowled out for 76, the main Aussie batsmen came after 30-35 overs and plundered the Poms, Bradman got 270, Fingleton 136 and Aussies won by 365 runs !!! I don't think this radical approach was repeated again in test cricket, I wonder why. On a greentop more often than not you lose your top order for not many, might as well send the tail 1st and pray for the best. If it works out fine, if not rather them dismissed than your best batsmen. On green/moist decks batting gets easier after the 1st 25-30 overs because the ball gets older/softer, ball loses the pronounced seam, pitch eases up and the quicks aren't as fresh as in the 1st spell. Too often we see 40/3 or 60/5 in such situations, is it any better than 30/5 (30 overs) with your best players not yet dismissed? Unlike the top order the tail doesn't have much hope of scoring runs but do those extra 20-30 runs really matter, just send them out there and ask them to defend/leave and just look to survive. Who knows if they stick there for some time even the opposition will start getting frustrated. And another thing, most of the balls Smith/Kohli/Root/ABDV/KW nick to the keeper/slip cordon, I doubt the lower order are good enough to even make contact with such deliveries. We often hear that the batsman is too good for that jaffa to not nick it, even in this SA series a number of deliveries that took the edge had movement that was so extravagant that the tailenders could only have wafted at thin air there. In Cape Town in both innings we lost our top 6 for not many and our last 5 had the best batting conditions. Had Kohli/Dhawan/Vijay/Rohit got such batting conditions we could have scored a lot more. In the 2nd innings of Centurion the new ball was doing all sorts of crazy up down stuff and there was only an hour and a half before stumps. May be the tail was too hopeless to expect much of but if we had Bhuvi in that match may be a batting order of Bhuvi, Ishant, Che, Patel, Ashwin could have seen off that phase with our best batsmen starting fresh on day 5 in relatively easier conditions. No need for full reversal, put a Pujara at no 3 in stead of the slogger Shami who won't necessarily do the job. What say? Not talking only specifically about India but all teams on greentops or conditions where the new ball bowlers have tremendous advantage. May be 20-30 years ago the tailenders were mugs with the bat with no protection like helmet, chest guard, arm guard etc. Modern day tailenders I would presume are more capable and may even pull it off. When I say pull it off, I mean a paltry 55/5 after 30 overs would count as a huge tactical victory.
  7. This is an excellent England ODI team, to blank out Australia 3-0 in Aus, that some performance
  8. Hate to say this, but English shorter format unit is so damn fun to watch nowadays. No other ODI/T20 unit gives so much entertainment barring the WI t20 side that won 2 WT20 cups, which no longer exists. I actually won't mind if England wins next year's world cup even if India is the one with them in the Finals because Virat is a crony and his team is full of wannabes, pretenders and unlikable bunch. I don't want Stokes back though...might be a match winner in tests, but not in shorter formats. Hell they have done just fine without him. Moreover, he is a choker.
  9. Looks like Two great big ego's have not landed but crashed and burned. Of course though it's everyone else's fault but theirs
  10. What you are saying was true for pacers who debuted till 2012. Pacers who have come in after that ... Bhuvi, Shami and Bumrah ... have all improved in terms of skills, pace and bounce within 1 to 3 years of debut. And new pacers like Saini look quite skilled and pacy too.
  11. Today
  12. It is very puzzling for me too. From the attitude of this team before this series , it did not seem that they would be so casual in SA.
  13. Home team lost 3/0 England beat Aus..by 16 runs Finch's 100,100 and 62 in vains so far in the series. ( smith 45,M.Marsh 55,Stoinis 54) Cong.England
  14. Good to see the 2 young quicks from India . Seeing the overseas performance of the team i think they should be fasttracked . Its shocking that India are yet to find a replacement for someone as ordinary as Ishanth Sharma :facepam You may make fun of srilanka but they have actually won more than India away against the top 5 sides when the spinners are negated . Infact the indian record of 18 -1 is comfortably the worst since 2011 . India could have done with a pradeep i guess . Get them in at worse theyll be another siraj but you might chance upon a decent bowler .
  15. He is under 130, 90% of the time. And many teams has atleast 1-2 bowlers hitting 135-140. Sorry to sound harsh arsh is good but its hard to become 145 bowler from. In india the best talent takes up 5-10 years to mature even slightly. The best we managed was zak. Sree ishant irfan all withered away. Recently shami yadav bhuvi etc have just managed to improve slightly or hold on to way they burst into the scene. Thats why I dont get excited unless I see a freak bowling talent.
  16. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    Bhai fast bowler ka kya karta hai Rahul . Give the credit to NCA mentors , Paras and some to Subroto & support staff at various level who have made their action , run up , fitness & skill top class.
  17. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    The right and unselfish thing to do .Hit out or get out. Delhi has some good batsmen and the match was in the bag by that time.
  18. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Pant threw his wicket after getting injured.
  19. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Nitish Rana 33(14)
  20. The pitches still dont have enough to help fast bowlers. They are mostly flat with low bounce and pace and then help spinners from day 3. This is simply because BCCI doesnt trust our fast bowlers to come good against Aus, SA, Eng or NZ and dont trust our batsmen against their bowlers. Its a cowardly move to be honest. Hence, dont allow our test team to become better as an overall unit and remain a one dimensional side. At least 50 % of our games should be helpful for fast bowlers. Its criminal how in some test matches, fast bowlers are given a few overs with the new ball and relegated to the boundary and then Ashwin and Jaddu roll their arms over for the rest of the innings. There are some idiots who defend this gameplay as "home advantage" and these are the same guys who cry when India lose overseas.
  21. All regular preparations for touring sides who want to win an away series . The big question is why everyone treated it like a joke ? As someone with a huge affinity with Indian cricket I am bitterly disappointed at how it's turned out and I feel these guys have not just let down Indian cricket but supporters world wide who thought we might see a change where a team could go abroad, win and inject life into Test cricket
  22. BK and wife look like jailbirds. Some wives make their husbands wear kuch bhi ....matching matching .joru ka gulam!
  23. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Still mostly those were vs spinners and trundlers. I think he will have issues with pacy bowlers who will bowl rising balls around off stump. DOn't think has good off drives vs pacers .
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