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  2. Khota

    BCCI seeks 15 cr legal fee from PCB

    It is extremely important to collect this as it will deter frivilous lawsuits in future.
  3. velu

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    excuses excuses excuses .. its not that his contemporary batsmen crossed 500 mark once or twice .. thread in the making
  4. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Bumrah bowled quite a few 148 k and 147 k balls in this IPL. Mavi bowled quite a few 147 k to 150 k balls in the same IPL. Two deliveries at 150 k in fact. He was quicker than Bumrah and our quickest pacer in this IPL. Avesh was as quick as Bumrah on an average ,with a fastest of 149 k.
  5. Pace90

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    So Richard is looking for IPL stint ?
  6. Adi BB

    Kumble the best captain I played under - Gambhir

    Gambo is a man of his words! Respect
  7. Today
  8. HippoSucks

    The ATG SERIES challenge

    Based on video footage, plenty of modern left armers (with worse stats though) are much better than Davidson. I don't trust stats from before the 70s because it was a completely different game.
  9. Jimmy Cliff

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    Relatively speaking, Lara was a dead rubber basher. In quite a few series, he would go on a holiday when the series was alive but cash in big time in a relatively meaningless dead rubber bumping up his stats for that series. This reflects in his overall record too where his average crashes to 48 if we only count live Tests. His 400* is a prime example of his dead rubber prowess. May be that is why in such a log career, he has only 5 match-winning hundreds against non-minnows in live Tests .
  10. someone share this with Michael Vaughan & Damien Fleming
  11. ^ & Dhoni diid not resurrect it .
  12. Hemant badvani was a great talent. Ganguly ruined his career.
  13. This match will decide if a Indian team can earn genuine respect.
  14. ICC doesn't have problem with the pitch now???
  15. Crying convicts babies.... Sandpaper must have run out of stock....
  16. though not exactly young, Axar Patel
  17. Well given Congress's track record with corruption & nepotism, if BJP can eliminate the VHP chaddi-brigade, then its pretty much a no-contest in favor of BJP. Surprised that BJP hasn't realized this yet in the golden window of opportunity to set itself up as the party India can look towards for growth & development. Instead, BJP has done nothing to stop its image turning into the Hinduvta party...
  18. OpeningBatsman

    ICF Fantasy Cricket : India tour of Australia-Tests

    I'll b back
  19. Yesterday
  20. If controlling runs with 1 or 2 wkts is what we want with our lead spinner, Jaddu can do this better.... there is slightly more expected from Ashwin
  21. Rahul Shaw / Rohit Pujara Kohli Rahane Ashwin / Jaddu, if Ash is not 100% fit. Pant Bhuvi Ishant Shami / Umesh if Shami isn't 100% fit Bumrah Drop Vijay, keep Rohit but make him open. Add Bhuvi as the 4th seamer. Attack this weak-ass Aus batting and rip them for below 200 in both innings. This XI takes on a small risk of letting Aus back into the series if our batting fails, but * it, that risk exists regardless.
  22. But few days later it broke into mediA that Kumble suggested to take safe approach, and bat first if we win toss. Rest is history.
  23. There is just 2 options. Congress or BJP. So everyone will be falling in that category. anyone else thinking that there is a third option at national level is like Bermuda thinking they will get test playing status in nxt 5 years
  24. Lol m saying here only 4 months and he dropped already in T20
  25. BCCI can learn from Aus the way they package test cricket.
  26. http://www.fxdlvjdfbxdf.com

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