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  2. Gun market in Wazaristan !!!

    Aryans did arrive and settle in India. It's a proven act. What has been disapproved is the Aryan invasion of Indian Subcontinent since there was no such thing. Aryan immigration occured in small groups for over centuries and the fighting which occured were between the two groups of Aryans the one who arrived earlier and the newer ones. Aryan Dravidian thing is hoax.
  3. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    He wanted to become a Physics professor, that's why.
  4. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    Yup, there are some overseas commies who are not emotional and softies towards any franchisees and those are neutral. Good point.
  5. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    Manju already talks as if he has a lump in his backside (where the sun don't shine). Another lump must have been unbearable for the listeners
  6. Km asif should get a game today
  7. World cup schedule

    Last time the World Cup was in that part of the World had a few more venues like Hove which hosted India vs SA and no other international match since then. Also a match or two in Netherlands iirc. Looks like they've given up on that idea. Would have been nice to have incorporated a few more grounds instead of the same old Oval, Old Trafford etc. etc.
  8. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    Lol you can make jokes about Shastri and Manju as well but not in this thread. Manju always mentions the word "Insecurity" and his book was called "Imperfect" because these two words fits his character. Shatri has his own Shastrisms you dont wanna go into it. It will race away like a tracer bullet. I was talking about his insight on spin bowling. Very hard to listen to but insightful in setting up a batsmen. Similarly Gavaskar is very good when he is talking about batting.
  9. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    5. Wouldjubelieveit
  10. For the World IPL might be a Tamasha League, but its serious business for "Marwari" type of franchise owners, you don't perform you dont stay. Most teams have enough bench strength to challenge the under performers in the Playin XI. Good move by Gambo, better be safe than sorry.
  11. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    Nobody wants to be controversial when commentating. But this thread was about Manju's and Sunny's reaction to yesterday's match. why do you keep bringing Siva into this. Are you a Mumbai fan. Sorry (not really)
  12. 1. T20 cricket is mindless cricket. 2. Winning in Australia means everything from a Test Cricket perspective. It is not about money or the IPL. Stop being ignorant. Go watch a kids movie as it is clear you are a child.
  13. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    The 4 legendary insights he brings into every game ... Got the elevation and the distance Got the elevation but not the distance Got the distance but not the elevation Got neither the elevation nor the distance http://www.espncricinfo.com/page2/content/snippet/453819.html
  14. How do you like fricking your sisters. I heard there is lot of inbreeding in Pakistan?
  15. Respect. He takes his job seriously. He thought he could turn it around. He couldn't. HE did the best he could do. Hope Yuvraj does the same. benching himself for PKXI. Now they are playing him purely for star value.
  16. You can spot this fraud from a long distance and as you mentioned it is out of desperation and Kohlis infatuation with him that he is on the team. I have said it for decades and I will reiterate. All rounders are like unicorns , they do not exist. My reasoning behind that is simple. Cricket is a highly specialised sport and with the stress on body you can either bat or bowl but it is impossible to do both and excel. It is always better to go for specialist rather than mythical allrounders. They do not exist.
  17. BJP's vision for India

    Look at how much opposition there is even for a minor issue like Triple-Talaq. Even staunch feminists are aying that it is a case of minority religious rights. It is stuck in RS , when BJP has numbers it can pass that bill. BJP will keep it on the agenda and will pass it when it has absolute majority.
  18. What is it with praising already established players. This culture makes their position undisputable. They need to perform less consistently than newbies. Yuvraj Singh has scored - 12(22), 4(4) and 14(17) so far looking totally horrible. But one 30(15) in a winning cause and it will be back to Yuvi is class and he will be irreplaceable. Questioning legends does not mean we do not value their past contributions. Yuvraj Singh has played big role in winning us two world cups but it is also true that he has massively underperformed at some big stages. Similarly Dhoni has no equal but it is a reality that he struggles to hit out against really good attacks.
  19. Hardik Pandya...

    Ash and Jaddu overseas in tests together?? I thought you knew better than this. That move is straight out of 'MSD's/Srini mama's CSK tactical t20 test captaincy manual'
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