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  2. Bumrah bowling in a test in Australia. Gets a 6-fer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=svJkadBf8Z4
  3. When will Nagarkoti come back ! He is skiddy quick and always at the stumps. Will pick up a lot of wickets with his stump directed skiddy high pace.
  4. Like I said countless times before, Pakistanis in UK are mostly inbreds therefore it is expected of them to behave in this animalistic manner. Most of them are products of first cousin marriages therefore it isn't surprising to see topping the charts whether when it comes to grooming scandals or gang businesses.
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  6. Yes the ex-PCB chairman who has been close with the Sharif's. Imran and Sethi never see eye to eye & that's why when Imran became PM last year Sethi resigned from his position considering the fact that PM of Pak is patron in chief of PCB.
  7. A bit suspicious about the history they've been teaching in Pakistan.
  8. But other team don't boast that we are the best team of last 15 years.
  9. Who's fault was that - let me see see England - nope, Brat The best bowling lineup ever, right - like you & many others have claimed? What about the opposition in SA & especially Oz, need I remind you of them?
  10. So the movie had some other mission? [emoji848] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  11. Australian system is still the same as 90s. Why aren't they producing the same talent now?
  12. Nagarkoti can be our Brett Lee with that beautiful run-up and action. Mavi our Shoaib.
  13. It is because cover drive has been his go to shot. He doesn't have a square cut like Sachin or even pujara. Although recently he has added 'square cut' to his armoury, it is still work in progress.
  14. The pcb head? Also no tweets since army chiefs extension.
  15. It is indeed true that our player development system and infrastructure and selection process have become much more systematic. Our basic structure has improved a lot and regional bias has decreased. There is a lot to appreciate. That being said, two things need improvement 1. Not following the queue system so rigidly if a special talent is performing. Now, I am not talking about selecting someone based on talent alone. He should perform at FC level and A-team level. But, when that happens, a special talent cannot be kept waiting just because a regular player has performed before him. 2. Increasing the number of India Red, Green and Blue matches and decreasing the number of Ranji league matches slightly. This would keep the basic structure same while allowing the India prospects to play against other top players more frequently. After all, it is a no brainer that a Gill would be better prepared if he faces an attack of Avesh, Warrier and Mavi as compared to a normal state team. Or a Mavi would be tested much more if he has to bowl to Gill, Shaw and Anmolpreet.
  16. I have been watching some of his recent footage (tour to SA, Eng and Aus). Seems like there is very common mode of dismissal where he lunges his bat outside the off stump and gets an edge which is either pounched in the slips or gully region or ball goes in the air to third man. Now there have been very few batsmen who were masters of outside the off-stump to a moving ball, but I do not think SRT or Sunny or Smith looks/looked this ugly when edging the ball to the slips. While he gets a big stride forward and to the off than he did before, but this is still an eye-sore. What do you guys think? Who do you think was the best in this regard? I think this is one of the toughest line to master.
  17. Chill man, just a way to connect to one's roots like cricket and movies, more like a get together and food, cultural activities etc...I doubt there is any malice. OP said 50 people attended the gathering, how many Indian origin Brits are there? How is it a big fuss? Nothing treasonous either, if you set aside a few days out of the year in these kind of events that is fine, OP isn't shouting 'India India' all year and putting down his new country. If India-UK relations were hostile you would have a point. But the relations are great at nearly every level, India is still part of Commonwealth group of nations (voluntarily), our people have never harmed UK, we dig Brit culture (incl the royalty ), speak common language, model citizens everywhere (caveat: only outside India) etc. If you don't agree with previous para both countries have shared history and I-day is to mark the end of colonialism, an evil practice which even right thinking Brits and other Europeans disapprove of. So in an ideal world even Brits should join in the celebrations , no matter what anyone says colonialism was a dark chapter (morally) in European history. Brits lost the moral right to rule us post the end of WW-II, freedom struggle was long drawn, full of sufferings and vitally a non-violent movement which should be remembered. I-day of India is a great day to cherish and an example for humanity because our forefathers did it by following ahimsa (for most parts) against brutal colonial state machinery, a feat unprecedented then. Not saying it out of hyper-nationalism or something, just that our independence movement was so different and morally/ethically a cut above similar movements elsewhere.
  18. Ok some of my friends watched the movie yesterday and it seems the twitter talk I saw are mostly true. Standard appeasement tactic by Bhaiwood...AK is just another opportunist, Vidya Balan was always like that and she had finalized her role as Kamala Das in that Mollywood biopic (Aami), before criticism by Hindus made her leave that project. Vidya's son Islamized, willing to convert but the dad is an intolerant Hindutva bigot cos he got concerned on seeing his son reading Quran, disrespecting Ganesh, using Islamic phrases etc. And the part about intolerant Hindus refusing to give the Muslim scientist accommodation, the usual veg/non-veg crap etc are true. Standard Bollywood stuff.
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  20. That was for one dayers. For tests. don't care about dot balls as long as he sticks around. Rotating the strike is something is not as easy as we think. Laxman, Rahane failed in one dayers precisely because of this inability. You can see defensive players playing aggressively. But it is rare a batsman suddenly becoming a great strie rotator. He has a place in the side. But not a no.4 batsman. Iyer illustrated how you should tap the ball straight down and keep taking singles.
  21. All UK residing Indians, take care of yourselves and families, avoid being in secluded areas as much as possible. @Sachinism @G_B_ @Ranvir @Austin 3:!6 @mishra
  22. Babur didn’t fight with Pashtuns on his side. He fought the Pashtuns and won. Lodhi was the only Pashtun dynasty of Delhi Sultanate. Why are you so illiterate about your own history ??
  23. But why ?? You said everything is Allahs will. It is his will that most of the world doesn’t follow pedo prophet, just like it was his will that your prophet was pedo..
  24. Do you have any clue what the population of Australia is? Compare it to India's and then you will realize the foolishness of claiming that fewer teams in India is the way to go. We already have divisional hierarchy within Ranji, that ensures that the top teams face up against each other. At least once in a while, stop and think, before automatically assuming that a "gora" system is better. Fewer teams is, without any doubt, NOT a better system for India. Do you know that Aus cricket paid their domestic players the best salary in the world during that time? That is what ensured that the best athletic talents who wanted to play cricket, were able to pursue it as a career. Add to that the world class infrastructure and facilities for sports in general, and particularly cricket, in Australia, and you have the outcome of a great team. The last 2 decades have seen steady improvement in financial incentives for players, as well as facilities across the country. And while I don't love the babus of BCCI who still have too many corrupt uncles in them, you have to give credit to the organization for steadily improving facilities and stadiums in the country. Of course, if they were honest and hard working they could have already done more than they have. But I'm not worried, because the incentives to pursue excellence are well established in India - there's simply too much money available and at stake.
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