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  2. Bangladesh are full of mediocre cricketers, asking for pay rise is a joke. Just lost a test match against Afghanistan. They saw writing on the wall, best series to skip is the India, they know they are going to get hammered. In their mind it is better to avoid this humiliation.
  3. Since it has been allmost prooven ( not beyond doubt as Supreme court hasn’t said anything on matter) that Communist intellectuals have been directly linked to Kashmiri Terrorist/Pakistan, so that their Communist Comrades and Kashmiris Terrorists can smoothly use each others facilities and assets ( from Arm/fake note supply from Pakistan, to JNU campuses , Journos and international platforms) hence No nationalist will care about who they are and let law take its own course. These fanatics use their own kids as shield when facing the heat of army. Thats how low they are. So, You cant expect Apathy from them as rhe very definition of anti national inherently requires them to rejoice at death of Nationalist and smirkingly water it down in media(MSM/SM) by calling the Nationalist as Hindu Nationalist where Hindu is is mentioned with religious overures of Islamic fanatism
  4. He has a history with common sense and logic. Also stubborn.
  5. This kids are defacto 3 to 4 years older than their official age. A more appropriate headline will be in inexperienced to lead pak in aus
  6. Warner broke or equaled a record of scoring a 100 before lunch last time the poyz toured. He is the Aussie hitman. Struggled in Ashes but was in good form in IPL and the WC and at home he is going to give the usual ass whooping to them.
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  8. sandeep

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    Took some special inspiration to make an opening batsman out of Mr. "Come to India"
  9. Will we show the same level of patience that we (TM, selectors, fans)did with both Shami and Umesh (and Ishant)? Shami was averaging around 35 in his first 2 years, Umesh was at 38-39 average after 25 tests. Their resurgence is obviously largely owing to them getting fitter and fine tuning their skills, but if they were not backed after failures, they wouldn’t have been here bowling such spells.
  10. Yeah I really like the look of him. Tall elegant left hander that reminds me of Yuvi. Plays some languid shots like him too.
  11. I think Mavi is in the Umesh mould...both have actions tailor-made for outswingers. Shami is something else - the key to his success is the upright seam and pace. He moves the new ball to. I think he'll be the one that's most difficult to replace. Don't really see anyone with that kind of seam presentation among the younger lot. Bumrah is really unproven in home conditions.
  12. Off course, the Windies greats are always in race for anything related to Pace bowling. Andy Roberts hit David Hookes on jaw and he had to be in hospital during test for few days. After that injury David Hookes never batted with same confidence against everyone, not just Roberts. Usually a bowler would make job of his bowling partner easier to t take wickets, but Roberts made task off picking Hooks wicket easier for all pace bowlers. Such was Roberts impact on careers. Having said that Sean Abbott a bowler with far lesser pace struck the worst blow on cricket field ever delivered by a bowler just couple of years back. Also sometimes it is not about how fast one bowls, but the area which the bowler targets. Not saying About did it purposely but Thomson would purposely look to knock off the jaw or head causing severe damage. Thomson was most agreesaive in that approach and with the pace at which he bowled it was just a horror situation for batsmen. Thomson used to put that fear of death purposely and with intent into the batsmen. That's why I feel he was the most brutal pace bowler alongside Croft
  13. No way do we have any cricketer in the current Indian cricjet who can surpass Kapil Dev. All duplicates, China items.
  14. bowl_out

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    Such an easy job to get paid some 10 crore a year and travel around the world
  15. Back in the 80s the definition was someone who could be the frontline bowler and an above average batsman and a terrific fielder. He is good in 2 depratments (at home). Batting not quiet there yet. He has to bowl well everywhere he plays, bats well anywhere he bats.
  16. Great escape from the carnage we were going to receive from BD.
  17. maniac

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    Sure if he is using narcotics to open up his consciousness and come up with new innovations, I think we can let that slide but that seems very far fetched :)
  18. Khota has history with Ashwin lol He is one of those guys waiting for an opportunity to bring him down. Don't take this agenda driven thread seriously. @Gollum two posts are enough
  19. Folks Naseem Shah is a trundler. There are clips of their National T20 cup floating around the web, where he is getting carted mercilessly. Looked extremely slow.
  20. Can't question the results though. His team is a freakkin juggernaut. Maybe he stays up all night game-planning ?
  21. One thing that might help Pak is the weak Aussie batting unit barring Smith.. if they can decode him and try that round the wicket stuff to Warner, they might actually compete
  22. There is nothing revolutionary about this selections.Amir and Wahab retired from test cricket.They don't have anyone else.It is kind of pathetic that they have select a 16 year old on such a tour.
  23. Shami today reminded me of Mohd Asif. Bowling those stump to stump lines and skidding the balls.. shami has bowled a mind-blowing spell today.
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