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  2. Seriously??? Why all this nonsense just before CT? Can't this wait?
  3. depends on the situation .. if we are in a postion that somone needs to anchor the innings , dhoni can come up at #4 .. as a dhoni fan who likes to see him more , #4 is the best postion for us
  4. Dravid Didn't you see his "tactics" with Delhi Daredevils?
  5. Yuvi will bat at 4 Dhoni will bat 5 Jadhav will bat 6
  6. Where do you want to see dhoni bat. At no 4 : Yuvraj will have to bat at no 5. And there might be occasions where he needs to slog from ball one. Yuvraj is struggling to time nowadays. Also Kedar at 6 will be a bit wasted. Because I think he is a busy player and more suited for no 4 or at Max 5. At no 5 : Yuvraj will bat at 4. Dhoni at 5. Seems comparatively better. But again Kedar at 6 will be wasted and also how much can you trust dhoni to slog from ball one. No 5 is the most crucial position in my opinion and batsman at this position can make or break matches. At no 6 : Want him to bat at this position. One of Yuvraj or dhoni should bat at this position i.e if yuvraj at 4 , dhoni at 6; if dhoni at 4, Yuvraj at 6 and depending on situation send even Pandya if playing ahead of the one at 6. Discuss.
  7. He has very limited experience as a head coach. He also does not understand how the system works. He is employed by BCCI and he works for them. Sucking up to COA is not a good idea. Otherwise a great individual and the best spinner ever in the game of cricket.
  8. I thought it was good but if you had followed Indian cricket closely, you wont find a lot you dont already know. Its similar to watching highlights after watching the whole game. The movie focuses a lot more on World Cup and Sachin's dream of India winning the World Cup and little less on test cricket. There is very little of Dravid, Laxman, Kumble with whom he had played 20 years of cricket and were instrumental in India becoming a good test side in 2000s. You see them only in a few shots from footage. I watched the movie in Hindi which meant the Marathi speaking bits had Hindi subtitles and I dont know how to read Hindi, so I had no idea what they were saying but they were only a few moments. I felt the movie didnt really give you a sense of the magnitude of his achievements. He literally broke almost every batting record in cricket and delivered time and again despite the expectations of a billion people and he did that for 24 years. Somehow you get a sense of his popularity but not of the scale of his achievements. Perhaps it was done on purpose to focus on his contribution to the team than his records. Overall its an inspirational story because Sachin was from a simple middle class family and became the biggest star in cricket. Well worth watching.
  9. O dear . Judging matters on ipl circus lol
  10. IF we can't retain Kumble, can we get Rahul Dravid as Head Coach and Zak as Pace coach? Sehwag is an emotional person who is also makes blunt and insensitive statements though you cannot argue about the veracity of the same. Usually people like John Wright, Kirsten and Kumble who were quieter were better for us... except Fletcher who was too quiet actually :D Imagine if Sehwag makes a statement like "Except Rohit Sharma everyone played well" or "Ashwin is ordinary in overseas conditions"... :p
  11. Many of them were more like mainly 80s (mid 80s to early 90s) movie stars
  12. but if our guys did not have a good IPL does that mean they will be less overconfident?
  13. even if we beat everyone in our group, I don't have confidence that our team can beat SA and England... especially England.
  14. tri series with afg nepal and india, India can make 500-600 runs. kohli can break sachins record...yessssss would it still be called ODi ?
  15. Today
  16. at times i wonder what does pateechaars mean..and why paks get angry when called that. its pretty nice rhymes with pak-cricketers too.. but then i dont care.
  17. Indian players and team don't get any rest as it is and adding a tri-series, that too with an associate, is pointless. Maybe India A or India u-19 teams can play these tri-series but definitely not Team India.
  18. lol the comments...hehe, its a *ing tamil channel for people who speak tamil boys. nothing else, there is star sports hindi already right ? so why bother with this one...
  19. More than the heros, the heroines used to be way more gorgeous and talented. Aishwarya Rai, Tabu, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Sushmita Sen, etc. Now we have Sonam Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra
  20. i think its the kind of people that immigrated for the major part, in one side you have finance/it/health care on the other side you have quite a few taxi drivers so bound to happen and with all the criminal gangs and grooming etc one can imagine what kind of folks are there in either side.
  21. What exp does kumble lack?????
  22. lol you wish Sallu bhai makes even worse movies than srk, where did sallu bhai come from? Amir Bhai is the only bhai, the one true king of the north. Now you are just trying too hard, your pakistaniat has been exposed
  23. I miss 90's movie stars so much, these khans do not have screen presence of Jackie Shroff, Sanjay Dutt, Mithun, Govinda, Sunny Deal, Anil Kapoor.
  24. Did I hit a nerve? Amir and Sallus fanboy. It's okay, keep admiring their steroid jacked muscles.
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