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  2. Stradlater

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    He has denied it.
  3. Players who are canvassing for a place in the World Cup squad Rahane Iyer Vihari Yadav Ishant Ashwin (?) Udankat (?)
  4. Stradlater

    AAP Votebank

    Chutia spotted. Baffles me how this fcukwit is still allowed to post here.
  5. Jatboy

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    What course you Bhakts did ? RSS neh training diya kya?
  6. Three words : " It is classified". The end. Thats the collective override on right to information regarding ANY matters of national security. Btw, how the hell does he have a all-black beard and all white head of hair ?!? I thought beards go grey way before for trimmers/shavers than hair ?!?
  7. Jatboy

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    Mishra you post as per your caliber. Jo randi ke ghar me paida hua ho usko sabki Maa randi deekti hai.
  8. Gollum

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Why has BJP given Hema Malini the Mathura seat? Koi aur mila nahi kya? She doesn't even attend Parliament regularly, lacks mass appeal, doesn't seem to be the political type either.
  9. Ankit_sharma03

    I fit the role of 4th bowler India wants for WC: Umesh

    Saale andho men kaana raja bhi nhin hai tu Majboori ka naam Umesh yadav , itni buri majboori hai humari
  10. New Delhi, March 22 (IANS) The Indian Premier League (IPL) gets underway in Chennai on Saturday with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) taking on defending champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the season's opener. And RCB pacer Umesh Yadav is one player who will definitely be looking to impress RCB and Team India captain Virat Kohli with a strong show from the word go. While the national selectors are still looking to fill the No.4 slot in the batting line-up, another place up for grabs is the fourth pace bowler's slot. And Umesh believes that he fits the bill as experience will be an important factor taken into consideration when the selectors pick the squad for the showpiece event in England. "If you look at the IPL as a platform to convince selectors that I am the man to be picked for the World Cup, I am the man. The fourth bowler that the team is looking at, I feel I fit that role. I don't think any of the youngsters have done enough to replace the senior bowlers. At the end of the day, you are going to play the World Cup and not just any other tournament like a bilateral series. "Experience is a must on the big stage. Someone with an experience of playing 10-12 matches is not enough because if a situation arises that one of the frontline bowler is injured, you must have the replacement who is able to handle the pressure of that situation. You need someone who can bowl 140kmph-plus and has the mental ability to perform under pressure," he told IANS. Umesh also said that he didn't get a long rope in limited-overs cricket and that is one of the reasons why he hasn't been able to replicate his red-ball form in the shorter format. "To be honest, if you look at it, I haven't played too many ODI matches. You cannot count someone's performance on the basis of a couple of matches here and there. If I am given a long run and back-to-back matches, then I can prove myself," he explained. The pacer feels that if picked for the World Cup, the IPL will be his best preparation ground. "IPL for me is to give my best for the franchise and also practice for the World Cup. This is the ideal platform to train for the World Cup... this will be the best match-situation." Asked about being a part of the star-studded RCB line-up, Umesh said that he shares a special bond with former India pacer Ashish Nehra and the life lessons the left-arm bowler shares has helped Umesh a lot. "Nehra paaji gave me a lot of confidence after I joined RCB last season. He told me that when everything is against you and you perform that is when you should take it as a challenge and show the world what you are made of. He said 'if everything is stacked against you and you rise like a phoenix from the ashes, then that gives you joy as a sportsperson'. "If everything is going your way, there is no fight and the joy of achieving something goes down. He said 'keep learning every minute and come back stronger' and I keep doing just that. I can really relate to him. His life lessons are amazing," he added. Link -https://www.sportskeeda.com/amp/cricket/i-fit-the-role-of-4th-bowler-india-wants-for-wc-umesh?key=skcfb&utm_source=AUTOFEED&utm_medium=SKCRICfb&utm_campaign=sportskeeda cricket&fbclid=IwAR2uEPzwzzk55XhNZ32vXnJx_QRd74xPZ7i3bpRWMQXQcL0YaJY-MZBJvbQ
  11. Longtime adviser to INC and a close aide of the dynasty. This is the depth of treason we are up against. No wonder Pakistan is so desperate to see RaGa occupy our PM chair. When will the culling of traitors begin?
  12. mishra

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    Yes, Lekhi jis seat
  13. Most Indians must know now that what will happen if Cong gets into power. More Pulwama like attacks from jihadis. Vote NDA now
  14. 'No one died from your family': 26/11 victim, who helped identify Kasab, slams Sam Pitroda LINK
  15. for all the csk fans , our tournament starts during knockouts for all the practical reasons
  16. Don't care who wins, so long as Raydud gets out for a duck
  17. The Dark Horse

    OFFICIAL 2019 RCB Thread - E Saal Cup Namade!

    Last 3 Problem is opponent batsmen will also go apeshit on them..
  18. Moochad

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    Rumours are that Viru will also join the BJP and contest from Haryana
  19. Moochad

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    what a trailer
  20. First ever India crossed 300 in a ODI. Azharuddin was going through such a bad slump. He didn't even want to come to bat. Sachin pushed him to bat. He scored 22 runs in the last over.
  21. Laaloo

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    Thala would only ‘promote’ himself for candidacy if they only need 1 out of remaining 200 seats to win
  22. Turning_track

    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    I think he'll be given a ticket from Delhi to contest election. Him & Sehwag have been quite close to Jaitley, that's why both of them rallied for Rajat Sharma who belongs to the Jaitley camp against Madan Lal in DDCA elections. Sehwag even got married at Jaitley's place in 2004. Gambhir being Gambhir is a no non-sense man & I'm sure he'd take the fiberal group to the cleaners if they attack him in person.
  23. At this point if he does well here, you will be seeing him batting at no.4 for the world cup lol. You will have to see his face over and over again.
  24. Today
  25. Terrible aesthetic taste.
  26. So much noise about being a CSK fan, Dhoni fan, IPL fan. Can't even remember the opening game of the tournament, that too at home.
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