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  2. kashmiris want to build an Islamic state in secular India, it is not a case of human rights. It is a state of theocracy that is not allowed in Indiam secularism. You secular champions should be with India for Kashmir. Instead you are siding with RW Islamists.
  3. Most are pseudo-liberals. Most self-anointed liberals hardly qualify if the definition of the term is followed. Difficulties, inconvenience yes, atrocities highly doubtful. Let us stick to Malala, topic of this thread. I will never put Malala in the same league as Gul Bukhari or Naila Inayat who I deeply respect. If Naila criticizes India I won't mind because she is fair and yes, a true liberal in every sense of the word. Did the young Nobel laureate ever speak about Balochistan Waziristan Pak minorities conversion, rapes, threats to their lives, desecration of temples Blasphemy law, Asia Bibi LGBTQ rights in Pak I am not asking for her to comment about ISI/GHQ's interference in neighboring countries or terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, that might be a step too far for someone as basic as her, just these above points will do. Did she ever open her mouth? Or a simple message explaining her position? Not true, a small minority talks about Balochistan. Most don't care or have little knowledge. You are aware that there are non-Kashmiris in JK right? Ever wondered how Ladakhis and Dogras managed all these years? Does valley have minorities left? Aware of Pandit genocide/exodus? You know how unfair 370/35-A was for minorities, women, Dalits, rest of Indians, Union of India? How Kahmiris have been eating excess national resources and still refusing to give up violence. Truth is Kashmiris have always been a pampered lot, now hopefully with this move there is a level playing field. She is 22 years old, a proper adult staying in West and attending a top college. Does she lack independent thinking? Or is she fake? Why did she lie about that Kashmiri girl missing an exam when 12th was national holiday all over India?
  4. Facking communists and secularists. Screwed Hindus and India forever. Worse than what Fundu Islamists did.
  5. Life of Liberals is difficult on both sides of the border. Malala was under immense pressure by the right wing Pakistanis for not speaking against the atrocities in Indian Kashmir. They were building a mountain of blames against Malala and all other Pakistani Liberal for not speaking about freedom of Kashmiris, while according to them these same Pakistani Liberals constantly speak against Pakistan/Pak army for not giving rights to the Baluch people. RW of Pakistan wants all to speak against the atrocities in Indian Kashmir, while to keep quite in Baluchistan. RW of India wants all to speak against the atrocities in Baluchistan, while to keep quite about the rights of the Kashmiris. People of Baluchistan fear that Punjabi will rob them off of their rights through their majority. Kashmiri also fear that RW Hindutva will rob them off of their rights through their majority. We liberal humanists want only good for the people and want to protect their basic human rights. But this is our biggest sin and crime for which we are blamed Traitors in both countries.
  6. Sircar is a former babu who was India's cultural secretary and then CEO, Prasar Bharati....all under UPA regime. The late Uncle Pai was one of the greatest sons of Mother India, deserves a Bharat Ratna for sure. Without him most wouldn't be introduced to Indian history/civilization.....a great educationalist who made learning fun for impressionable young minds.
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  8. Your buddy China won't sit quiet with some movement near Khunjerab and considering how strategic is GB.
  9. Pakistani army is merely filling the vacuum created when the imperialist forces left Pak army = imperialist power, Pakistani common man = Gungadin
  10. Brit yellow journalism is a Hallmark that the world tries to emulate. They are the worst, invasion of privacy is a joke for them, first ones to tap phones of celebs as well. Warrrsht kind.
  11. Got to be born *and* made. You can take a diamond in the rough and make it shine. You can't take a coal in the rough and make it shine no matter how much you try.
  12. Why do you blame BJP? I just showed Chiddu impising Hindi as Rajya Bhasha, while Shah says talk and give importance to in MT but also learn Hindi. Practical.
  13. I was hoping the Pakeeess showed up and Indians trampled them to pulp. But now with Trump the security will be really tight
  14. Coaching rule #1: Do not ever berate your players in public. Chew them out in private if that gets the best out of them, but always talk them up in public, even if the media and public whine that you are a sunshine-boy and don't have a clue. RJS was actually doing a pretty good job of this ... until now. Even when it was obvious that players were messing up, he stood up for them. Fans and media criticized him for it, but he was always the optimist. Something has changed.
  15. I have no problem with any culture,even if i have some misgivings i would to each his own.This Hindi push from BJP is too blatant to ignore though,i dont even think its politically advantageous for them .
  16. Why didnt Shami play against NewZealand in WC match? Does that also mean he is bang average?
  17. Worst thing about this public criticism by a Captain and Coach is this has come almost one month after the allegedly careless shot! Who frets about a shot after you have won everything. Only thing that that could have prompted such a tirade is a signal from Dhoni on his willingness to comeback to LOIs as his army service drama did not give him much media limelight except a few silly headlines like him doing guard duties in Kashmir
  18. The difference here being this guy had never even made it to the Indian team, was still only in the U19 team.
  19. British media is simply the worst, they would go to any lengths to get their hands on a sensationalist story. He is a cricketing hero for his country FGS, at least leave him & his family alone.
  20. Segway has played few of the finest knock of test cricket during overseas tour he has scored centuries in AUs, NZ, wi and sa. No one in India can match sehwag winning ability and changing the outcome of the match not even kohli not sure what are you smoking. Talk to me When any of them score a triple century let alone 3 triple century.
  21. Even Ian Chapell was very impressed with him, calling for his inclusion in the senior team right away. Dhawan had a decent IPL career before making his international debut but Chand's IPL career never took off.
  22. even shastri says this side has a legacy like Aus n WI.....ab kuch bhi bologe to maan lenhge kya Best captain yeah right - cant win a major tournament, Only one one series in Sena which even Dhoni n Dravid did, his IPL team has been into gutters England is a struggling side in test cricket....they have been struggling at home as well. Funny how they gave us a whacking at home and Same WI,PAk drew series against them South african side is struggling side now which we cudnt beat ...but SL beat them at their home yea u can have ur opinion that virat is the best......ur allowed to have biasness Everyone has faults.....the point is now shastri n kohli faults are going beyond the limit . U can keep looking at number but ppl know the reality specially who have seen cricket last 20 yrs n so
  23. pathetic media digging this about Ben stokes..*ers..they will even print a photo of corpse if they can get their hands on.
  24. mishra

    Solution to Kashmir

    Look, Its fact. I don’t want war so does most Indiians. Pakistan has occupied it by force. Pakistan has faught for it and still fighting for it despite reaching to verge of bankruptcy. India on the other hand, has lost many lives because it couldn’t take action militarily and diplomatically. It had no allies apart from Iran and Russia and had to bear economic clampdown and wrath of many eu/mideast/USA. For first time, we are reaching to a position where we are not having regular blasts in Indian cities and gap between India and Pakistan is rising in International diplomacy, economy and military. So , IMO, it has lasted for 70+ years. So , lets not do a Nehuru here and take decisions so quickly
  25. @Tibarn thoughts on English as national language? I think 3 language formula in education is fine provided English and MT are the compulsory ones, 3rd being personal choice.
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