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  2. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Fully agreed with the bolded sentences. For a person with faith on certain God(s) will believe the books to be truth and as far as the person is concerned, the God(s) are real and the holy book is sacred and truth. There are indeed people from all professions who do believe in God. In my opinion, nobody has the right to say to such people what should or should not believe or what they should or should not consider something as real. Rest is not immaterial from a commonsense point of view. A lot of Christians might believe that Jesus Christ has resurrected himself after three days after his crucifixion and came alive and talked to his disciples. But from a commonsense point of view, there is no conclusive evidence that such an event has happened. Ilayaraja made such a comment and it was deemed controversial. But I will completely attest his statement because there is indeed no conclusive evidence that it has happened. We are not ruling out that such a thing DID NOT take place. But there is no way we can ascertain that it DID take place. For believing Christians, it is real and so be it (as far as they are concerned). But did Jesus Christ ever exist or whether Alexander the Great ever exist, yes they indeed existed and we have ample evidence to prove that Alexander existed. All I am saying is, from the OP @rkt.india's perspective, "Are Ramayan and Mahabharat real?" he is asking a simple commonsensical question. Did they happen like some other historical events... Did Mahabharat war happen just like the three batttles of Panipat happened. Then we cannot base our answer to that question from perspective of "Faith" or existence of God. Do we have evidence using similar means like we deduced Ashoka's Kalinga war or Panipat wars or several others. The answer that posters such as @Gollum and @Muloghonto are giving seems to be NO.
  3. Awww i just love him for that so cute and naughty.....how he made his younger brother angry and then stand there like nothing had happened...Quite a character he is...
  4. You are a good representative of the green country.
  5. Thanks for being honest. I respect you sir.
  6. This is an important ceremony. Especially trained soldiers are used and based on Pakistani suggestion the ceremony was toned down a bit. Thre is special place for spectators to sit. Everybody follows a protocl and uniform soldiers only do that. Hasan was provoking people.
  7. Railway Haggoras will be raped by the green storm but rape won't hurt you as its common in your country
  8. Well done Hassan Ali, I was there too and yes it wasn't banter it was directed towards Indian army and each and every Pakistani there loved it, there were many anti-Indian chants and when your players Gambhir and co throw rubbish against our army you deserve this reaction..
  9. Wooden spoon watch [ IPL 2018 ]

    Between DOuble D's and Double R's I would throw Bambis in there but they have mailed the payments to umpires and broadcasters
  10. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Ramayana and Mahabharata are part of our cultural and religious heritage. These books and beliefs have shaped our region .... Only dumbasses will try to play down the importance of their own heritage by claiming it may not be true, and that too at times to showcase their limited intelligence .... It is similar to Kalidas trying to cut the branch that he was sitting on
  11. Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    As i said, got better things to do with my life than learn a dead-language. I will learn Sanskrit- when i am retired. The whole hindu 'stages of life' dictum applies to me here.
  12. Noone laughed it off. This has never happened onthe border ever. Moreover you PCB chairman considers India as the enemy what else can you expect fom the pathetic players.
  13. Some people (Hasan) cannot mind their own damn business. That show is for soldiers to do not morons to taunt.
  14. He was not even looking at the crowds. He was looking at Indian border. If he was 5 years old then it is understandable. This was more like in your face behavior.
  15. Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    Sign up.
  16. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    you will find,that the bulk majority of princes and kings did not posess these qualities in ANY civilization. Roaming aruond the ganges valley 2500 years ago is pretty much my definition of NOT having a good time.If you want a good time back then, you went to one of the major cities and locked yourself up in a pleasure garden. Not travel to unknown parts roughing it. Its like super crappy backpacking.
  17. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    You don't understand human nature I believe. It doesn't matter how big or small a kingdom is, a weak king/prince is always an easy target, have you forgotten how Ashoka mercilessly waged wars against neighbouring empires? And a prince is technically someone who is just a step behind becoming a king, and he needs to be brave, strong and wise to be promoted to that, Siddhartha had none of those qualities, since he was naive enough to take a stupid risk by leaving his family. I would have been more happy had he realised during the 'enlightenment' how stupid he was to abandon his family. He reminds me of those typical Silicon Valley hippie entrepreneurs who make big money, take an early retirement and spend the rest of their lives roaming around holy Hindu/Buddhist cities. Interesting but not inspiring.
  18. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Yes, I realized it eventually. I fully respect and support your stance on Gandhiji with regard to his bad ways.
  19. Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    lol hardly anyone takes Sanskrit to any level. Maybe its a hindi belt phenomenon but rest of India does English + mothertongue + Hindi. Nobody in my school took Sanskrit...it wasn't even offered...neither was it offered at my cousin's school in Mumbai.
  20. http://www.samskritashikshanam.in/pattrachar.php# Its 1200 rupees for all 4 levels. I am assuming most (except lemurians) took Sanskrit till 8th class. So first level is basically a refresher. Sign up bitches.
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  22. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Yes they are real. Evidence is not always the answer to the truth, humans do not necessarily leave behind the evidence for future generation, like how we won't do anything specific today so that the coming generation in the next 1000 years remembers us.
  23. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    There s sure shot cure... there’s a return match against losers Bambis... use that to bounce back in whichever way possible...
  24. One of the biggest weapons that neo-orientalists have...

    Do YOU know Sanskrit ? You are one of the most RW hindus here....... Maybe if you asked yourself why you don't know Sanskrit ( i am willing to wager, its most likely that you can think of 20 different things you'd rather be doing than learning a dead language with no practical applications ), you'd know why RW hindus dont learn Sanskrit either. Its not like RW christians are falling over themselves to learn Aramaic or Latin or Greek either......
  25. Cheer up guys, there’s still a return match remaining against the eternal losers, Bambis....
  26. Thats a standard ploy. I am more concerned with even so called "RW" hindus' disinterest in learning the language. You don't need to wake the entire hindu society up. This a country of almost a billion hindus. Even a small percentage of sanskrit speakers like 1% gives you 10 million native speakers. More than enough to drown any Orientalist propagandus. Bitchfaces would rather shout on twitter than learn something important.
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