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  2. Looks like a call girl for rich South Asian businessmen here
  3. 31 runs 11 over 1 wicket..commentators criticising pak batting intent.
  4. Can I take some credit for opening your eyes?
  5. most of the time , players say this after doing well in their first game they did well
  6. Tum nahi bhoolte isey par border par kar iske sath basna hai kya ?
  7. Kick this VVS Laxman from commentary team. He makes Bhuvi look McGrath and Dhawan look Bradman. Idiotic and biased most of the time. Have heard him criticize other bowlers many times when they fail once but bhuvi? he is failing since he is born but this guy don't stop praising him at all.
  8. express bowling

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Bumrah 144 k in his 4th over 4 overs for 10 Bhuvi 4 overs for 8
  9. arre bhai, woh to paisa deke. US mein hoon, kuch free nahin hain?
  10. definitely isko sponsor kiya gaya hai...har match mein naye naye jersey pehenke aane ko lol
  11. @Laaloo converted communist is the worst communist
  12. Have to say this, whatever be his shortcomings, that review by Dhoni is perhaps the best I have seen from an Indian. Kohli and co. are the worst in taking reviews.....
  13. He will score 30 of 68 balls and fans will still keep praising about that drs review.
  14. Pal should target 235 and try to make it. If they target 300..they will get 160.
  15. Rayudu can easily find a place in Pak top order. Lets deport him
  16. Wish we had decent Asian commentary team all of them are horrible
  17. Its a patta...surely 200+ to maar hi denge...maare to acha hai... we will have some good batting practice for middle order...
  18. Absolutely each captain ask keeper, and dadu also was wissy wassy during his nod , understandably due to motiyabind though.
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