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  2. no you dont understand, that term at least was not used as a derog in ICF as far as i know.
  3. Could be worse boys , you could have a nickname called Tattie and be on an Indian forum
  4. ok since you understand , i will comply. Golt.
  5. Male Feminist.

    You realize, decline in sexual dimorphism means men and women are closer in size and functionality, not further apart, correct ? The fact that sexual dimorphism has declined and continues to decline, is the most implicit proof of biology that women are equal to men. I could easily say that societies such as Canada, Germany,Scandinavia are way less patriarchial than India, Arabia, Persia etc. and the average German or Canadian woman can beat the snot out of the average wimpy Indian/Arab/Persian man, as the average woman in these countries are taller and more massive than the average Indian or Arab man. Size is about nutrition predominantly, especially childhood nutrition.
  6. Chinki is referred to a person who looks a certain way...how is that not racist?
  7. Male Feminist.

    Because in almost every single civilization women are second class citizens. Your grandparents lifestyle was 'first feed the kids, then feed th husband and only then the woman eats'. This means women get way less nutrition than the man and that has left an effect.. The reason women became second class citizens is because men started to oppress them once we started to farm, because of inheritance. Only way to ensure your land goes to your children is to make sure your wife sleeps with no one else. Hence the oppression of women in all world religions and philosophies. But we live in the modern age now, where your wife can sleep with a thousand man, give birth to a dozen kids with half a dozen other men and you will still know which one is your child. And hey look- with technological change, morality is also changing. Your morals are not 'right or god given', they are simply a function of technology.
  8. What are the speeds of pak and bangladesh bowlers?
  9. no not that one, chinki as in not chinese, that was not used in ICF at least as i know of. and lol the whole Ghati thing is blown out, it cant be used a come back for anything. I did not know till now the some folks from MH detest being called that lol.. but now i know har har. ghati/pahadi is a very casual term, like calling some one uncouth.
  10. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    " now Mr AB DeVilliers , you are 2-0 up out of 2....what do you think of our bowlers? " Oh great, fantastic, bowling really well" "Hope to hell they don't change them"
  11. Male Feminist.

    Riiight... So I guess the average german woman has more testosterone than 600 million Indian men, coz the height of average german woman is greater than that of the average Indian man. Or I suppose we all have experienced a massive upsurge in testosterone in our bodies, worldwide, which is why the average male height in the western world went from 5'7 to 5'11 in 1 century. Why don't you actually get educated instead of talking typical sexist crap ?
  12. oh..same with Ghati but why cry for that then, why dont you embrace your Ghatipana as you would when you are pulling legs?
  13. Dude Madarasi is not a racist term,it stems from lack of cultural awareness and Chinki is a blatant racist slur. Ghati is neither,its more like calling someone an ignorant villager. All 3 are different in nature. if you are trying to use “ghati” as a comeback for using Chinki or madaraasi then the joke is on you for being ignorant Telugu people being called “golt” is another one...it doesn’t even makes sense because it is just a play on words inverting the word “Telugu”...so while someone can refer to me as a golt to try and be a condescending the word itself has no significance...same goes for ghati.
  14. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    True story My Sister was living in Punjab a few years back . My brother in law is in the army. They were looking after my Brother in law’s aunt who was a very old lady . She was born in a village in Andhra and apparently apart from a brief visit to Madras(as it was called pre-independence) in her child hood,she never left the village. So when she visited Punjab her first question was “Have a lot of Telugu people migrated to Punjab?” Because in her mind every Punjabi wore a turban and everyone who didn’t wear a turban belonged to Andhra. so unless you are an old person born in a remote village in pre-independence era,there is no valid excuse that can get a pass for having a North-South bias or this archaic “Aryan-Dravidian” theory in 2018. This goes for idiots like Kamal Hassan or any other idiot from the opposite side of the country who have similar beliefs and bias. I am let down by the fact that people in India don’t throw rotten eggs and tomoatoes at anyone who spouts such nonsense.
  15. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    Anil Kumble didn't have a career under school like schedules , obviously he thought these guys needed that in place If act like a schoolboy get treated like a schoolboy
  16. It's still same even today. Only educated younger or older generation is aware but they still say it anyway just for pulling legs.
  17. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    so true. people keep talking about need to play natural game, being aggressive. Natural game is different for every player and they need to stick to that. Pujara's natural game is different and he should stick to that.
  18. It was a pivotal moment again we dropped maharaj at 200-7.That cost us the game.
  19. Arshdeep is 125 - 133 kph bowler.
  20. Bhuvi is surely going to be benched again. Unless Kohli decides to play 4 quicks + Pandya Rahane will likely come in for Pujara and DK for Pappu
  21. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    Kumble phase looked to be the start of players taking things seriously. Sad to see him go. Though he might be overboard with fines and school-like schedules, I don’t think he can be blamed for much else
  22. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    These effing agents are like rotten fish who spoil the entire pond.
  23. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    Golden. King Kohli. Money minded loser Kumble. Sir.....
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