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  2. I really dont know. He had a very talented team handed to him.
  3. via Accuweather Morning: Precipitation 55% Cloud cover 60% Afternoon: Precipitation 55% Cloud cover 70% Night: Precipitation 25% Cloud cover 88% The chance for rain and cloud cover means we only need 1 spinner at most, especially if Jadhav and/or Yuvi play, they can fill any quota of spin required. Kumar will take 5 padosi wickets himself , if we have that predicted cloud cover, but we will have to watch out for Amir. It's probably better to bat 2nd, if there is a curtailed game, as D/L will favor us chasing.
  4. In my opinion Kumble has very limited experience. Rajput has more experience and done wonders for Indian youth teams. What I like about Rajput the most is that he truly rotates players. Everyone gets an opportunty. With Kumble I see the same old mindset. Also remeber great players do not mean better coaches. Coaching is a diferent animal.
  5. I am more concerned about the violent types.
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  7. can't be a "crap little forum" if morally 'superior' phakistanis like you keep begging to post here. look, there are millions of places to talk cricket on the internet, don't let an indian cricket forum offend you this much. you can find some other place to vent.
  8. You didnt answer question Why LS Rajput over Kumble........what qualities does he have as a coach that makes him a better option than a coach of number 1 test team who has won everything in last 12 months???
  9. Yes, something very fishy about her story. Your account is probably most accurate.
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  11. I miss 90s cinema most in which 3 types of cinema was most underrated 1. Govinda-david dhawan (way better then what rohit shetty makes) 2. Abbas mastan ( made really good films ) 3. RGV ( the guy was a legend, never got much credit due to the time) Overrated Cinema Kjo n Adi chopra most over rated film makers
  12. Baahubali is yet to release in china and it would appeal to Chinese audience more then dangal Its releasing in july, dangal record wont last
  13. SRK is very intelligent , i had a very opp perception about him but having worked in one of his films(trashy one) i can tell when i met him my opinions changed 360 deg about him . His only problem is he tries to hard and looses the balance even if he has a good script . Amir khan having bought up in a film family has his basic about film making in a very right place. Aamir knws he doesnt have the charishma of salman n srk so his biggest asset is his content which bought him back to the game and once he won over the audience he made his own place. Ultimately nothing can beat good content. We keep craving about khans but one rajamouli showed director is the boss. M expecting Shankar to do the Same with 2.0 Nothing to do with star, a good film adds to star value and a poor film doesnt. IF srk has few good films story wud be diff and so wud be incase of salman I work in the industry and anybody can vouch that SRK is one the most hardworking guys in the industry . The only lazy bugger is salman The advantage with Aamir is his sense of film making is better then other, which is the case with Ranbir kapoor as well as he was a film making student from NYFA and then schooling in film family is also a huge advantage
  14. If you ban people without a reason then why the hell have you created this garbage at first place. Hindu logic
  15. Imagine not having access to English commentators like N Hussein.
  16. agree but English channels should have pan India presence since a substantial crowd wont prefer or understand vernacular commentary for sports.
  17. you call the forum crap but are furious at being blocked out of it... let me get it straight to you. LAHORI LOGIC.
  18. not all CSK fans are tamils though, so everyone should be welcome there. Since everyone will be there we ,might as well make it exactly like ICF. Since ICF already exists we will as well make use of it for the purpose.
  19. Helicopter against Faulker was epic
  20. Horror tour for our batting. Look at the score in this game itself. 8/4 and than scrapping to 150/9.
  21. U have to follow his work throughout the year, dnt make statement on perceptions We have made thread since the time he became coach and we did cover a lot of his work from day -1 His result speaks for himself
  22. Welcome back
  23. stupid kitty. Dude another survey came out (TimesNow). They are predicting close to 350 in 2019. Keep more of these giffys ready soon. bohot kaam main aane wali hai .
  24. Kumble is a good person. I really dont know how good a coach he is.
  25. Kumble has done phenomenal work....what else does he need to prove about his work I dnt knw which other coach took so active interest in making all system work toghter from day-1 IF kumble is the best candidate why try finding some other angle in it. If they hire Moody- PPl will say SRH laxman connection IF sehwag- all has connection If Zaheer as bowling coach- again u can find connection Everything can be looked with two perspectives
  26. Who is this laloo? They blocked me for no this a forum or a joke because literally i ddnt do nothing unethical and gave my point of view within limits.this is absolutely bullshit and crap they dont want to listen to the opposite side they have just create this to beat their own trumpet and utter crap about us.* this garbage forum and garbage indian posters who want establish their monopoly on this crap liltle "forum". PAKISTANIs in whichever little number you lare move out of this crap "forum" which has not a single quality of a forum. . And the funny things is 4th june hasnt even arrived yet.
  27. My problem is that they will have to select Kumble. There is too much conflict of interest here. As to the other part of your question I dont have a good answer. I just want the best candidate. As someone mentioned above there should be transparency in the process.
  28. At the end of the day it is still a game of bat and ball and form matters regardless....look at Kohli 2016....was in beast mode in wt20, God mode in the IPL scoring 100s for fun,translated that into tests by scoring 200s for fun and then had a bad T20s series against England, a mediocre test series against Australia and then a poor IPL. "Form" is a real thing. yes case can be made for players like Pujara and Rahane who might look a million bucks in tests but fish out of water in T20s and Odis. overall the point is these players didn't fail because of the nature of the format, they looked scratchy and jaded in pretty much every game. Likes of Pant,Shankar and even Karthik (whose selection) I am dead against translated their domestic form to a good IPL. so sure if a player had 3 overs to go and slog from ball 1 in T20s and failed I would say numbers don't count in judging them in how they would perform in a odi tournament. for e.g., take a look at Gayle it's pretty easy to see he is done with's not like if he gets back into tests he will start hitting 100s again. so yes IPL might not be a total measuring stick it sure gives us some perspective.
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