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  2. Rayudu will force feed biriyani to the Pak team if they are nice to him. So he got the bargaining chip.
  3. SK_IH

    Send Bumrah Home

    Along with them send Shardul, Dhoni, DK and Rayudu as well
  4. Rayadu trying to finish off the game by 40th over so we can go home early. What a selfless player. How fortunate are we?
  5. Khaleel is nursing a finger injury.
  6. This is totally because of poor batting. Bowlers should have some kind of target to bowl at. These short targets are demoralizing bowlers. This applies to any team yaar, not only to Ali.
  7. Pollack

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    That is the only substantial innings I can remember. Dont get too worked up. Not calling him bad. He needs to take up more responsibility. His bowling is a very huge plus but only if he was more responsible as a batsman.
  8. express bowling

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    I hope you watched Khaleel bowl yesterday. Such a breath of fresh air for fast bowling fans after watching Kaul, Unadkat and Shardul bowl in the last few months in LOIs.
  9. GolGappe

    Send Bumrah Home

    And Bhuvi too. Not worth getting these guys getting injured playing in this meaningless tournament.
  10. Shadab does not want Indian batsmen to read him and get used to him in this already lost affair..
  11. But you do see replies. Not good. It should work like Twitter blocks where you can't even see the replied.
  12. Rayudu playing proxy for Kohli, they wont play KL at 3 cos if he gets stuck, will be difficult to drop him. Shadab injured now.
  13. Still 20 matches lead in odis. You guys only beating us hear and there. Why don't you come for a clean series at leat 3 match game we had in 2012? Reason is you guys are fear to play series since most of the series so far are lost. You are just collecting ODI wins one at a time here and there and say India won last this amount of matches, blah blah blah. Come on tell BCCI to organise a ODI series, and we will show you same like 2012.
  14. The next 3 to come in graphic looks like some kind of a target practice board
  15. CG

    Rohit should lead our WC19 campaign?

    Kohli has to learn from Rohit specially in odis he just leaves too much to Dhoni.It sends confusing signals where as Rohit handles field changes and looks in charge .
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