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  2. if K L rahul gets injured and does not play then ask pujara to open and nair can play
  3. I think he is doing that but it's just not turning for him
  4. Ashwin should learn to impart more revolutions on the ball
  5. Now review was needed and how lucky is this Smith.
  6. 5th time lucky Smith in this innings itself
  7. fielding i guess
  8. That was pad first and India has no reviews
  9. It's not the catching is bad yesterday. India's catching has been very poor. Even in the England series we dropped catches but England dropped more than us. Australia is not going to do same mistake.
  10. I am looking forward to Jadeja overs rather than Ashwins
  11. By the end of Trump's term (particularly if we have a recession - its due ), You will see mass ghar wapsi - atleast the ones who are not citizens.
  12. Is it a case of burnout after a long summer NZ, Eng, BD and now top team Aus. too much cricket this season.
  13. Saha hasn't slept well at night I guess.Didn't even appeal. Marsh gone. Jadeja gets him
  14. Why do people still take uberbong seriously?
  15. Jaddu is rightly admonishing Saha for not appealing.Idiot
  16. Not gonna post the real version of this incident? Truly have gone aapia, havent u? Anyways, if people still don't realize that 2000 note will be in circulation for short time only, I don't know what to tell you.
  17. Jadeja has bowled much better than Ashwin. Deserved it.
  18. These guys are too slow. Rahane misses another one on the leg.
  19. 4th catch dropped of Smith. Another simple one
  20. we lost two reviews because of him seriously dumb guy
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