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  2. Lannister

    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    His intentions are very clear, it's not about building the team and help out the youngsters, it's all about securing his brand image and rule the Indian cricket for years to come with his close group of friends, just like how Dhoni did.
  3. This is the danger of social media/internet Singh paaji. These things have been happening since a long time but the psyche has been questioned only after the emergence of social media. Technology has made people more impatient in dealing with real world issues.
  4. At least he didn't say Dhoni should bat at no. 4
  5. What's wrong with that? This is for ODIs and his idea was Rohit Dhawan Rahul Kohli Iyer He said that it would be bit different if Rohit comes at no 4-5. Dhawan Rahul Kohli Rohit What's surprising is that he said Iyer is suitable for no 5 because this position needs players who can take single as well as change gears. But then earlier he said Rahul won't fit no 5.
  6. this idiot tries to sneak iyer again and again....
  7. LORD_analyst

    MS Dhoni: Past Perfect, Future Tense?

    don't write this gibberish here...
  8. part-time keepers mostly cost in tests, whereas better batting skills are pre-requisite in t-20s and odis than keeping.
  9. jf1gp_1

    1st Test vs ENG-Choose your Batting Order

    Both Dhawan and Rahul need decent batting conditions to score, on tough track neither will survive for long so open with VIjay and one of dhawan/rahul. Eng will give us tricky wickets so irrespective of form Pujara at 3 followed by kohli and rahane. Sami, umesh and ashwin are core bowlers. If we go with 5 bowlers then 2 from jaddu, ishant and kuldeep, if we go with 6 batsman then Nair.
  10. wanted_desi

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    Cricket will be going downhill in India atleast. Soccer will take its place.
  11. wanted_desi

    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    Kohli is the worst Captain i have seen in my life. No one is secure of place in the team other than washed up players. He hasn't built any confidence in anyone to settle a squad like a team should have.
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  13. NameGoesHere

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    Outstanding innings.
  14. His point is more towards the thought process which to be honest i agree with. Please tell me why is Pandya still in the test team.
  15. Really ? why does everyone of this forum want Pant or even pandya in team ? because Pant can hit the ball, thats it. Keeping skills are secondary.
  16. Lannister

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    The batting will still be dodgy as the last test series as we are not even sure who's going to perform. Even Kohli's form is not a certainty in these conditions. But one thing that has been improved under Kohli in Test is our bowling performance. It's not doom and gloom as compared to LOI where Dhoni factor is still hindering the growth of our team.
  17. Vilander

    Why are Indian Fast Bowlers "timid batsmen" ?

    in tests preservation of wicket is most important after that scoing runs. Bhuv can do both.
  18. He seems like he lets up a bit in his delivery stride and doesn't go full throttle. Almost like he's not a natural left arm bowler.
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  20. Your trundler Bangladeshi bot
  21. Turbanator

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    Pujara has a daughter though.
  22. sensible-indian

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    Rahul's son will be topping Ranji charts only to be ignored by Kohli's son. Rahul will try singing praises of Kohli but still his son wont get selected. He will then try getting angry and channeling his inner Jograj Singh in abusing Kohli but it will only get his poor son banned from cricket. Meanwhile Ashwin's son would have become a cricket analyst trying to come with mathematical formulas to spin the ball square even on Aussies pattas (much to the exasperation of the fans). Dhoni will be still playing T20 with his daughter in the playing xi. Hey its Dhoni, kuch bhi ho saktha hai. Pujara will still be trying to crack the overseas code. His son will be like "Dad... Give it up already dude... Jeeez" Pappu will still be pappu showing his son how to drop catches to screw over his team at the most inopportune moments. Shastri will have twin daughters who will go into the profession of surprise surprise... cheerleading... like a tracer bullet. And last but not the least, Pakistan will still be talking about owning India in CT finals 33 years back.
  23. velu

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    only club cricket will remain.. IPL might have 2 or 3 tiers with promotion and relegation probably CSK and MI will end up like the current real madrid and Barcelona .. delhi will be still hunting for their matching winning combo .. punjab and rcb will be in and out of relegation zone ..
  24. sensible-indian

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    It was a lighthearted comment.
  25. The Realist

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    A lot depends on the first test as this is a mentally fragile team and if it goes behind will struggle to get back. Lose it and the house of cards will crumble fast and could be looking at a heavy series loss.
  26. LordPrabhzy

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    Dhoni will still be 'enjoying his game' and developing the process further in 2050.
  27. well ABD really made the difference between India and SA ,we could have easily won one more match if not for him,and seems like now ABD will be dearly missed by SA.
  28. Singh bling

    Ind polled as the most dangerous country for women

    There is nothing wrong with psyche of Indian men, It's just extremely large population.With more population you will find more doctor's , scientists , and many high achievers , but with same you will find more criminals , some extremely inhumane people.Divide India into hundred nations and all countries will have 3-4 news of rape annually but with united it becomes a daily news
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