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  2. China needs 1:7 parity in order to capture our land tough this can be higher in some mountainious regions.There is a reason in 1962 war China dispatched 80,000 plus soldiers to combat our 10,000-15,000.
  3. This shows your intelligence level. Stop dreaming maulana.
  4. In subcontinent kuldeep needs to be played only if we play 3 spinners. Given ashwins and jadejas record in subcontinent, it will be foolishness to drop either of them. Also ashwin is as good as a specialist batsman in sc conditions. Outside SC kuldeep can be the lone spinner.
  5. Nope it is surrounded by ocean in the east.
  6. I think the womens team will win.
  7. Ashwin needs to make way. His time is done seeing his horrible fitness level.
  8. dont see the big issue on the flag front. Let every state have their flag. As far as namma metro goes. I think the three lang formula is fine.
  9. It's very sad news. I try to avoid listening to these depressing bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Linkin Park etc. I loved them at one point but all that whining and aggression is not healthy.
  10. hmm too much happening before the final.... England remain favs. Lets remember that.
  11. if we go with 5 bowlers , we can easily accomodate kuldeep .. ashwin + jaddu + kuldeep + 2 pacers
  12. Kohli should start following the horses for courses policy as he at times does with pacers. If there is not much spin expected from pitch then Kuldeep should play, as both Ash and Jaddu are ineffective on non-spinning pitches. So it will all depend on the pitch.
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  14. Well you cant really blame him if he doesnt play Kuldeep. Both Ashwin and Jadeja have been awesome match winners as far as test matches are concerned. Unless we play 3 spinners, Kuldeep may have to sit out.
  15. Nothing is impossible for Kohli the Captain!
  16. He is much better off working with youngsters who will still respect his input than the superstars with bloated egos in Indian team who think they are too good to listen to coaches.
  17. Rahul Dravid's has way too much self respect to be with the national team when they don't want to be mentored by him.
  18. Competition

    Anyone knows standings or has snapshot of CT FL in Fandromeda? Seems like Fandromeda delete all data soon after the tournament
  19. Siddaramaiah planning his election strategy well in advance of 2018. 1) Update the Medical Clinical Establishments Act to slowly kill private hospitals in Karnataka. 2) Make trilingual signboards on metro an issue of Hindi imposition, even thought they have Kannada and English on them as well. 3) Last but not least, news from this past Dec and Feb: The guy has gone completely mad. Wait for a few months before the assembly elections in 2018 and he will say "Vote for me and I will give you 100% reservations in the private sector."
  20. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced a cash reward of Rs 50 lakh to each player of Women’s Cricket Team for their performance in ICC Women’s World Cup 2017. The support staff will also be rewarded with Rs 25 lakh each. --- I think they will receive more if they win the trophy ... all the best!!!
  21. "Dravid's contract issues are all sorted. He has a two-year full-time contract [India A and U-19]. He has said that he is not available for tours abroad [senior team]. He does not want to hang around," said Vinod Rai, the chief of the Committee of Administrators [CoA].
  23. Shocked at seeing suggestions of dropping Jadeja in subcontinent. Guy is ranked 1 bowler in test cricket and it will be worst to any player if he is dropped at such stage of career. Similarly Ashwin is ranked 3 and he is proper batsman too.
  24. Competition

    IND V SL - TESTS website : League code : 1500734023 Please PM me or @Forever Indian for details in case you are new to playing FL. Sab ki waat pakki hai
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