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  2. zen

    Life in India vs abroad

    Had no idea about how to do groceries in India Menial tasks such as taking the car to service were handled by others in India
  3. chewy

    Indian batting has to step up big time.

    In this world cup 350 will be considered safe score. India don't have the batting line-up to score or chase 350 plus. India will rely heavily on bowling unit to win them matches. IF India wins this world cup then it will be their bowling unit that will.win it for them
  4. kubrickian

    This cow related madness has to stop RIGHT NOW

    Yes, its a crime but it exists because there is no proper law enforcement in villages and small towns. For many people in rural areas, cow is revered and also its a source of income. If it gets stolen, they need to take law into their own hands because often nobody will come to help them. Media has painted it as a religious issue but its beyond that. And this has been happening since a long time but media is focusing on it more during BJP term and giving these vigilantes names like gau rakshaks etc. and associating them with a religion. I'm not a BJP supporter but just wanted to point out the facts.
  5. "1.59pm Oh dear! The covers are back. Two minutes before play was scheduled to restart - for a 39-overs-a-side contest - the rain came back, and so did the covers."
  6. chewy

    India vs Boult

    Good swing bowlers will always make mince meat of Rohit, flat or green pitch.
  7. zen

    Rain in WC19

    could mean: Captain winning the toss making decision based on the forecast, which could mean bowling first Team selections could be geared towards batting (adding depth where possible) The shortened games could give more advantage to teams such as WI, SA, and NZ, who have play multi-talented cricketers in their lineup, along with the batting heavy Eng Spin-dependent teams could suffer due to relatively wet ball An upset vs. a minnow could severely dent a team's chances if it gets into a situation where its comeback plans could be thwarted by rain
  8. “1.45pm Play to resume at 2pm, it will be 39 overs per side.” To start in less than 10 mins!
  9. Rahul ji time to pay for all you did to the country and PM who could have done so much good in 10yrs he was in charge.
  10. tweaker

    India-A vs Sri Lanka A Series

    Two wicket for Dubey
  11. Today
  12. Norman

    India vs Boult

    I don't recall us playing an odi on a green surface.
  13. Lol This could end up being a shitty wc if it rains
  14. Clarke

    India vs Boult

    If we get to semis playing on flat tracks, all will be forgotten. Has Virat held one end on a greener surface in an odi and made a good score ? I can't seem to recall such an instance.
  15. jf1gp_1

    This cow related madness has to stop RIGHT NOW

    I think the issue is vigilantism or just plain crime in the name of religion.
  16. jf1gp_1

    Is there any way that BJP take back the Beef ban?

    You are a Pakistani right ? Might sound trivial but i am serious, given low education level in your country will we ever see pork being sold openly in your country ?
  17. jf1gp_1

    Smriti Irani aide shot dead in Amethi

    how dumb does one have to be to shot the guy who helped Smriti win ?
  18. Ankit_sharma03

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    actually aus played kulcha pretty well in the series before IPL
  19. South_Paw

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Tamils are number one in thinking that they are number one. But atleast until 3 years back that didn't make these people to think that they are a separate set from India. But since the Jallikattu protest, due to a cleverly engineered television and social media campiagn has made these people into no-brainers. The entire news media except for a few is owned by NDA folks. Half of them are minorities whom for sure have affiliations with our adversaries. Though I don't expect this, what's needed is a mass cleansing program in TN uprooting every real anti-nationals. The rest will take care by itself.
  20. Oh really. To get a bit more post IPL rest I suppose
  21. Straight Drive

    Smriti Irani aide shot dead in Amethi

    7 suspects have been arrested.
  22. vayuu1

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Smriti iranis close aide surendra singh shot dead in amethi, irani goes to meet his family and in his last journey and gives shoulder to his body.huge crowd gathers there tension in amethi paramilitary has been deployed, his son accuses Congress workers for this murder.
  23. philcric

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    Typical English fan
  24. nitinbwj

    India vs Boult

    And the moron flies on Holidays instead of practicing his ass.He has taken his position for granted.I hope we play Shaw instead of this fat ass.
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