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  2. @velu What is O after some player names?
  3. Just curious do you know what satyaraj said and when? Are you sure no actors in Karnataka are were involved in kaveri protests. ;)
  4. IPL = Mahabharata??? Seriously???
  5. Make some sense when you quote people rather than posting gibberish like a 5 year old.
  6. Smith is no Arjun and MSD no Krishna....
  7. Lol Pollock angry in a down voting spree.. Nooooo pls don't down vote me...
  8. China will eventually get to a stage where they will have to openly fight. They think they can make stronghold China make Muslims focus on other countries esp India as their enemy, but the fact is what after India.
  9. No it's madrassi movies..Keep quite..All south madrassi ok.
  10. According to him one guy got up when the bowler was loading up.
  11. Lol what was Govinda hehe..Stop making excuses boss. You are nothing special.
  12. Narine (OS) Gayle (OS) Kohli Raina ABD (OS) Dhoni Dre Russ (OS) Jaddu Ashwin Bhuvi Chahal
  13. Kohli just trying to pay back for Nehra's encouragement during his school days.
  14. Really? LOL He had all the time in the world to stop the bowler from bowling his delivery and take care of it before facing it. That's just loney toon **** right there ...
  15. Nope they do. Karnataka has many such instances Punjab has political involvement from cine stars Maharashtra less so but Govinda comes to mind so there are instances. TN definitely has a problem mgr can be excused as he was an activist first before actor but Jaya and now fringe folks like vijayakant kushboo etc is a bit laughable, it shows from their voter base which is pathetic they should quit but probably will not as they would get patronage from some also ran party like Congress or BJP at state level.
  16. No hitting of nerves you just got branded. There is no need to do this now you won't look good in this thread any more.
  17. Agla tera number hai be.
  18. Interesting to see what Chinese mistress Pakistanis have to say about it. Somehow Chinese Muslims don't fit into their "Muslim brotherhood" compassion list.
  19. and some say your customary dump is more important
  20. Today
  21. Woman 9 year old girl and old man beaten , Police was just mere spectator
  22. raining/drizzling here
  23. What's the forecast. I don't think Windies can draw this game even if half the day is rained out.
  24. IPL

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  25. IPL

    5 lakhs on
  26. This is ridiculous. Banjo the chinese will make mullahs dance, ban ramzaan fasting, ban beards, and now ban islamic names for babies - No peep from the middle-east or ISIS or our naPaak greenbros. This is a huge deal for the residents of East Turkestan (Xinjiang) - without a birth certificate and approved legal documents, you can't go to school or get social services like health care, vaccinations etc. But cue the fake outrage against extra screening at airports, or the restoration of an historical temple that displaces some random mosque that nobody cared about, and there's riots in the streets.
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