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  2. Yar ye jo kuch bhi ho raha hai bhot galat hai. Sad to see our country in such a state.
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  4. I'd really like to know the source for this. Would be fun to go through the other tripe that might be on there.
  5. Will need a thorough investigation but quite shocking. Ankit Sharma's parents, brother, neighbors are convinced it was Tahir Hussain and his goons who killed their son and 2-3 others (his friends) before dumping the bodies in the drain. Brutal murder...multiple stab wounds, eyes gouged out, throat slit. IB sleuth Ankit Sharma and two others were dragged by a Muslim mob inside AAP corporator Tahir Hussain’s house: Eyewitnesses Rioters murder IB staffer, dump his body in a drain
  6. Sehwag (Brought a fresh batting mentality) Yuvi (2nd innings king )
  7. Not all Hindus, the Gujjus retaliated as did the Western UP ones. Not a religion specific thing either, like Western Europeans we have become excessively PC, tolerant, accepting, restrained etc often to our own detriment. Maybe we must take a leaf out of Sri Lankan Tamils' book, whisper LTTE or Prabhakaran and Lankan jihadis will wet their pants even today. Expect things to change here the longer BJP stays in power. Existing ecosystem needs to be uprooted first before full scale retaliation.
  8. There is no doubt This whole riot was orchestrated funded to coincide with Trump Modi meet. I am absolutely certain that this all was done from outside and local were used for organising, management and fund transfer.
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