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  2. someone needs to play typical dhoni innings
  3. Dhawan needs some time in middle. Kohli looks fine. But, scoring might not be easy. I say ask Dhoni to get 40 off 30
  4. This is so boring. Hope dhoni is promoted today. Can’t wait for big hitting
  5. The Dark Horse

    Good starting 11

    Agree. Was thinking the same.
  6. express bowling

    Vijay Shankar (Batting Pacer Allrounder) - Performance Watch thread

    Dubey is a seamer of similar pace to Shankar ... but is a bigger hitter.
  7. Rohit dismissed. Kohli laughed and then turned his head down seeing camera
  8. Nonbeliever

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli - who is better ODI batsman?

    Viv was nobody. even our padosi great babar azam will soon surpass him. He averages over 51 and has already 8 hundreds.
  9. Seam movement. He kept playing right across.
  10. This is becoming a snooze feast. Seems like both are on course to what Dhoni did, 90 ball 50 lol
  11. There is classic case compare some one to Sachin ( obviously Sachin is greatest batsman india has ever produced ,he was real prodigy) so you can run your hidden agenda to abuse him
  12. ball getting wet .. zampa cant hold it properly
  13. Sooda

    Good starting 11

    From the current squad and if we accept MS ain't going nowhere... Got 6 bowlers which is critical Got Batting depth If MSD and not KJ comes in at 4 it'd be ideal Get Hardik in for Shankar and Jasprit , Kuldeep for Jadeja, Chahal in England and that is our WC xi . Weakened batting on paper with no Jadeja but not sure that he adds much value in ODI, especially as no 8 bat
  14. This a probably dhawans slowest start ever!!
  15. yes, all these bowlers are good, even Avesh and Khaleel.
  16. Jadeja's inability to produce dot balls may prove to be a factor. The wicket seems a bit two paced and provides assistance with the new ball. They need to be strategic with this chase, especially with rotating the strike at will.
  17. Ok any person who can support the bot @Rasgulla is not worthy of having a conversation with
  18. Umpire's call makes no sense with DRS. Either out or not...
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