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[ IPL Statistics ] - MSD vs Virat

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Not an excuse...rohit has been negating the new ball beautifully in the first 6 overs...so anchoring excuse doesn't cut it...the way rohit negates the new ball even tailenders can come in start smacking it from ball 1 ....so pathetic excuse.

But but ..a double negative is a positive

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On 4/15/2017 at 6:58 PM, Gollum said:

Kohli never cared for IPL till last edition. Compare their international stats and you'll see the real aukat of the two. 

But as a member of the team he should 'care'.


I never 'cared' much for studying science in school. If I did, I'd leave the Einsteins and the Hawkings of the world way behind.

Compare my English literature scores with theirs and you'll see their real aukat vis a vis mine.

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