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What is a "Fatwa"? Is it for real?

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Every other day I read news of somebody from some part of India issuing "Fatwa" on various issues...

I wonder what are these "Fatwas"?

Are these to be taken seriously?

Are these legal or they come outside the preview of Laws of the land?

What does Indian Constitution says about these "Fatwas"?


This who follow "Fatwas" and religion, don't they have a brain of their own or do they have to be "guided" all the time?


Here in U.K. I see numerous Peaceful TV channels continuously "guiding" the viewers. Why so much guidance is required? It's like you have to learn an alien subject and need too much guidance or tutorials...

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a Fatwa is a legal opinion of an Islamic scholar. So u can have Fatwa for almost anything.


In West Fatwa is synonymous with Khomeinis Fatwa on Rushdie over Satanic Verses Debacle. So they think Fatwa means death sentence.


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Taking selfies, sharing it on WA/FB is blasphemy for women only...Men can do whatever damn they please. 





Mufti Tarikh Qashmi said the trend of uploading their photos on social media should be stopped immediately as it violates Islamic laws.Freedom of Muslim women in the country was curtailed further by the Darul Uloom Deoband when it imposed a ban on Muslim women uploading their photos, including selfies, on social media platforms.

Darul Iftaa, the fatwa factory :woot:  of Darul Uloom Deoband, issued a fatwa in this regard saying that Muslim women uploading and posting their pictures on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter was ‘unislamic’.

The fatwa was issued when a Muslim man sought to know if his wife can post and upload her pictures on social media. In response to the question, Darul Iftaa opined that Islam does not allow Muslim women to show their faces in public.

“Islam does not allow Muslim women to be photographed. Uploading and posting their picture on Facebook, Whatsapp etc is against the tenets of Islam and Sharia. They are not allowed to show their faces to other males,” said Mufti Tarikh Qashmi.


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