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Indian Football team enters the top 100 of FIFA ranking for the first time in 21 Years-Kudos!

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15 minutes ago, Haarkarjeetgaye said:

It isn't my friend. While it is progress, huge will be when we are in top 50

I remember in the recent past, we weren't even ranked in the top 150. We've reached top 100, maybe in the next ten years, who knows what happens? Football culture is certainly developing.

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1 hour ago, jusarrived said:

India U-17 beat Italy just 2 days back , thats a big result . 

That was not the official tier 1 Italy U-17 team. It was a third tier u-17 team. But still India U-17 beating an European team (no matter what tier) can be somewhat considered an improvement. But had they actually beat the official U-17 team. That would've been huge.

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 football rankings can be bit misleading. Iraq beat iran (who are ranked in the top 30) and they won the asia cup in 2007 and they are ranked a dismal 120. India have gotten some good young players into the team but i think the rankings have more to do with the fact that their playing more friendlies against opposition that matches up well against them. 


 Their still a lot of dirty polotics holding back indian football i feel. Today in the news mamta is demanding isl  accept mohun bhagan and west bengal without them having to pay a franchise fee.the drama is a bit ridiculous and shows why indian football is so far behind.

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