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"We have accomplished a feat many teams across the world only dream of."

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Even Banga boys got there many years before Pak eventually did. :phehe:


I am thinking the World he might be referring to is: Ireland, Kenya, UAE, Canada, Nepal, Netherlands, Scotland. These teams are not yet Test teams and beating WI in WI when they get Test status might still be a dream for them.

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5 hours ago, Iconoclast said:

The obsession here ... if the Pak team didn't exist this forum would be practically dead :phehe:



Poor understanding of obsession. 


A good example of obsession would be the home page of a typical p@ki news outlet. Dominated by Bollywood and India. Just checked. Top story on a Pakistani portal is deepika Padukone's sartorial preference at Cannes. 


Obsessed much? 

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On 19/05/2017 at 8:47 PM, sandeep said:

Being the only team that has lost tests to the woeful windies home and away.  Yeah most test teams across the world have nightmares of that.  And nightmares are dreams so...

The same team has much better overall record than yours. And besides this our record in windies is as good as of yours in overseas tours of aus, eng,sa and nz.

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