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Saha 1 IPL final 115 runs S/r 209 Dhoni 7 IPL finals 178 runs S/r 142

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2 minutes ago, Number said:

No need of such threads now. Logical MSDians are embarrassed enough to not show up. :P

Had a light bulb go off...Had to open the thread before I forget....will use it next year for the most part as IPL fever is dying down and also most Msdians have not recovered from yesterday's ass kicking :giggle:

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Apart from that saha also can dive and jump keeping for pacers, he also never runs his partners out,he can score runs in the finals and never chokes, he never back stabs his captain and team, he also is never jealous of other players success and ohh yea he also never runs out of the hotel in search of biryani

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