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What is your personal beastly eating record ?

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Well its important to put your size so as to get a better perspective.


Mine is 5 8". Medium built ( like Viru )


My exploits ( all in the space of 30 mins ):


1) 2 mammoth Chipotle burrito wraps ( veggie ) choc full of rice, blackbeans, fajitas, cheese, guacamole, and salsa.

followed by:

2)  Entire regular size jar of Haagen Daaz Mango icecream.


Cause of this massive eating binge: Was starved till 4.00 PM, only had chai since morning.


What is your personal best ?




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My cousin and I, when we were kids in late 90s, once stopped nearby a pani puri bandi close to his house for a quick plate of pani puri right before heading back to his house for dinner.


But little did we know that it would lead to a legendary story that we told a million times and pakhaoed our other cousins. We downed 60 pani puris each. Thats a lot for a 40 kilo skinny kid, maybe not so much for my then fat cousin.


Then we headed straight for his home and sat for dinner. My cousin had it in him to eat the dinner too but I wilted under pressure (mostly from my tummy) and came clean that we had pani puri....lots of pani puri. Me faced scoldings from both our moms.



My cousin went on to be more diet cautious and is now a gym freak with a six pack.


I went on to gobble many other things as I grew older and now doubled my weight. 🙁


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My parents came to visit me in my apartment and were shocked to see me malnourished (in bachelorhood one may overlook importance of food). My mother got so worried that she immediately cooked for me an omelette made of 3 eggs and cheese with toast, lunch was paneer makhani made of massive amounts of ghee and butter. The quantity of food may not sound much to members here but that day the amount of calories I had consumed made me feel like being on an olympic diet.


Anyways, I resumed back to sloppy eating habits a couple of weeks after they left.

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