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Saeed Ajmal is a legend

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2 minutes ago, kira said:

Already posted it in the twitter thread, Y U NO CHECK before posting :wp19: 


Anyways chuckmal being chuckmal, was a cheater then is a cheater now, some things never change

Yaar aise cheez koi alag se koi post karta hai? Sharam kar yaar. Khullam khulla share karo bhai sabke saath:cheer:Chal thok taali

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Let us be fair, He is a legend. No one(except Mueli) got away with so much bend. Then he complains why Tendulkar was not given out on hidelivery someone forgot to tell him that was a no ball. He also inspired generation of kids on green forum who said that off spinners should be allowed to chuck. What a kegend. What a man. What a fraud.

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