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What are some good tips to organise a cricket tournament more effectively?

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  • Focus on the cricket and its quality as priority #1.   This means proper umpiring, clarity in rules and organization of the game, zero tolerance for drameybaazi 
  • Prioritize player facilities - team 'dugouts',  hydration, etc.  
  • Plan for and provide designated areas for watching the cricket.   You'd be surprised at how effective providing snacks and drinks at minimum profit i.e. passing on bulk discounts, but still making some profit, is, in terms of generating goodwill as well as a bit of revenue. 
  • If you have the means and budget - have a sound system wired up and provide some sort of "commentary", score updates, music etc.  This is tricky though, because done poorly it can really impact the event negatively.  
  • Do a bit of homework and preparation, so that the 'audience' knows a bit about the teams playing and the players involved - short bios etc.  

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Depends on the scale if it's more local event I guess engaging local merchants and locality schools is important. If it's a bigger scale event then one can look at viewing experience, opening some sections free for kids school children etc.

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4 hours ago, Cricketics said:

Sushil where is the tournament? I am available as a player if any team needs a player :wp4: Btw, are you by any chance related to chauka website which is used for scoring around USA for cricket scoring? 

Yes. I'm working in Chauka. 

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Having played many local club tournaments, I believe I'm eligible to answer this.


1. Good friendly umpires - This is where most organizers screw it up. A tournament's heath depends on how effective the umpiring is. Never give a chance to teams to find faults. Bad umpires result in loss of credibility.

2. Presence of organizers - Make sure there is at least one of the organizers present when matches are going on. Just don't leave it on random guys and go away. Teams need you when there is a controversy and effective organizers always are there for help.


Apart from this, provide quality balls and try to get in quality teams for the tournament for effective organizing. Hope this helps.

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I read all the tips, and some of them are quite handy. I wanted to tell something which nobody mentioned earlier. 

Online cricket scoring

Online cricket scoring is very helpful to organise cricket tournaments. Many online cricket scoring platforms are there to help you to manage a local cricket tournament. Let me explain some of the important features of the cricket scoring platform to deliver you the idea about this:

  1. Create fixture for your tournaments
  2. Score matches using a mobile app
  3. Automatically generated scorecard based on the scoring
  4. Tournament records and points table
  5. Cloud storage of data

Please read more about online cricket scoring here


Chauka is a popular online cricket scoring platform in India and US. I work for Chauka. If you want to explore online cricket scoring for free, please let me know here. I hope this reply helps you think for the betterment for your tournament.



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