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Mallu Comrades mistook Tom Moody for Moody's, shower criticism on cricketer's FB page

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The cyber warriors of the CPM in Kerala turned out to be laughing stocks after they mistook Australian cricketer Tom Moody for the international credit rating agency Moody'sInvestors Service.

Immediately after news broke out regarding the improved credit rating Moody's has accorded to India, hard-core CPM activists hell bent on promoting the party ideology have started showering criticism against the cricketer on his Facebook page wall.

The comrades, most of them in their prime youth bluntly told Tom Moody that he should be ashamed of himself for giving an improved rating to the Indian economy under the Modi government. Some of them even dared Moody to visit Kerala.
While one Comrade said Moody would fail in his mission as even Israel's secret agency Mosad could not inflict even a minor injury to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. However, there were some other comments which tried to expose the communists, but such seemingly mild criticism failed to deter the comrades from understanding their blunder attack against Tom Moody.

According to one comment, Moody gave such positive report after taking commission from Modi. Some Malayali Facebook users who understood the drama were also seen tendering apology to Tom Moody for the bizarre criticism against him. Apparently, it was only on October 4 that Moody had his last post, saying thanks for all those wished him birthday wishes.


mad mallus :facepalm:
:hahaha:  @SLICKR392 :hehe:

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Indians on social media are embarrassing. But Mallus are the source of 90% of that embarrassment, still remember them having a go at Sharapova just because she didn't know who Sachin was. IIRC there were 35000+ comments on her FB profile within a couple of hours after that saga broke out. 

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