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2016-2017 Best Home season ever?

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Talking about tests it was a wonderful season. Undoubtedly the best one for us. Wins at home against top test sides should never be ignored or looked down upon. Team has become much more aggressive & plays an attacking brand of cricket. The test series which we used to win 1-0 or by 2-1 in the past have become 3-0,4-0 etc.

Spin twins have done very well, overseas teams sweat a lot about Ash & Jaddu, now with Kuldeep its more dangerous. Saha has done very well. Fabulous work.

Vijay, Rahane, Pujara continue to provide stability and Kohli was in supreme form barring the Australian series.  

Pune loss against Aus was a blemish  and we should've won at Ranchi despite their epic blockathon. These were my only gripes. 

Mumbai and Chennai test wins against England was memorable. Even they didn't expected to lose those matches. 

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india is now a bowling powerhouse


growing up seeing david johnson and dodda ganesh ( i m 37) makes me feel so proud to see fast bowlers dime a dozen ( 5 awesome 5 about to awesome)


we are winning cos we are bowling well 

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