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India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

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6 minutes ago, Pollack said:

I know it's a t20 game. :facepalm: Forget it. 

Raina’s weakness which you talk about isn’t just limited to short ball for 50 overs. You talk about  how he hasn’t been tested recently, but real thing is that current Raina’s approach works perfect for t20s compared to 50 overs.


If he plays this role in 50 overs coming in at 4 or 5, then even I will be mad as we expect number 4 player to bat long and bat till the end at least if we are in trouble. Hence Raina is more suited for t20s at this time.



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14 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

Yeah, people mix format. And also this whole short ball weakness talk is so exagerrated. Every player has weakeness and they struggle to certain ball, but doesn’t mean they should be dropped because of that. They will figure out to avoid getting out to that ball eventually. 


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4 minutes ago, Sgattick10 said:

None of them will be selected.. likh ke le lo. 

Rahul will be picked I am sure since he is part of the tour here. I hope he plays now. I worry about Pant and Aggarwal. Both have done enough to play now for India in at least 2 twenties.


My ideal batting nidihas line up








Rotate those players in the series and line up, since not all can play together. But that line up can be a beast line up.


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