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20 years back, on this day - Tendulkar outwits Warne

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On 12/03/2018 at 7:14 PM, UnknownGenius said:

I don't know if Sachin owned McGrath or the other way but getting out LBW to a McGrath bouncer was LOlworthy



Hit him on the shoulder, not helmet as the You Tube video suggests.

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22 hours ago, putrevus said:

Many argue this about this Richards including his own team's fast bowlers."he was never after stats and all he cared was winning so he never chased any records".


Richards as a test batsman I would not put him as greatest.He had one of the greatest year statistically in 1976 but he never reached that heights again.


But what differentiated Richards with his peers is his SR.Sachin on other hand played two hundred tests and has 6 double hundreds which is a very poor return for batsman who is in conversation of being greatest of all time. 

What you said about Viv is very much true. His game was based on dominating attacks. But him having just 3 double hundreds in his career can't be justified by that. Sehwag too was a dominating batsman, but he scored much more double and triple hundreds than Viv. Viv is a very, very strong contender for being the second greatest ever after Bradman. It's also true that Sachin having 6 double hundreds in his Test career isn't exactly great returns. But then again, Viv having 3 double hundreds in 121 Tests isn't exactly great either.

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