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Nidahas Snoozefest Trophy 4th Match : IND v SL | RPS,Colombo | TOSS delayed due to rain.

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1 minute ago, maniac said:

Damn Shankar is the real deal...only if he can bat though because my expectations from him where as a batsman, exceeded my expectations with bowling but don’t think can sustain on. Owning alone forever but if he can bat like I think he can, should be a regular X1

Manhoos makhi choos!

Shankar to NLTC Perera, SIX runs, belted over long-off. Vijay overcompensates by bowling this too full. This was right down Thisara's hitting alley. Too much bottom hand. Magnificent
Shankar to NLTC Perera, SIX runs, off the mark in style! Can't bowl too short at 125 clicks. Thisara muscles this pull behind square, sails all the way

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6 minutes ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

Is it better than Pandya?

Different players....Pandya and Shankar between them can make 1 good bowler even though I still think Pandya is slightly ahead on bowling...fielding no brainer Pandya.


However batting wise expectation from  Pandya right now is that of a bonus, either his innings can win the game singlehandedly or we shouldn’t be too disappointed if he fails.


However Expectation from Shankar should be is to deliver with the bat like a proper no.5 batsman ...very classy bat but can he translate into internationals needs to be seen.



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1 minute ago, adi B said:

I am pretty sure even galli mohalla bowlers are better than unadkut and vijay shankar type bowlers .have these guys heard the concept of "Yorker?? 

Itna practice karte hai ek Yorker nahi maar pate 

And then you see the bowling talents Pak is producing in PSL....scary.

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