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Nidahas Snoozefest Trophy 4th Match : IND v SL | RPS,Colombo | TOSS delayed due to rain.

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22 minutes ago, maniac said:

Also Jharkand and Maharashtra :hmm:


lol..maharastra goa and part of karnataka were bombay. Jharkand was bihar orisa and wb, bangladesh and assam were Calcutta state. Bombay,Madras,Calcutta were like boss states.

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13 minutes ago, ShebbySB said:

Raina is far better than Kedar and should replace Kedar in the ODI squad.He's younger of the 2 with lot more experience.

Manish is a certainty now in the LOIs.Sundar has really impressed me a lot.

This is my full strength squad of 15 for LOIs (Specially ODIs) :-



Kohli (C)









Reserves:- Karthik,Rahul,Chahal,Thakur.

Axar is unlucky to miss out but Sundar gives lot more with the bat and I prefer 2 leg spinners

in the squad.Kedar is dropped while I picked Rahul over Rahane & Karthik over Pant.Pandya is

still better for me compared to Shankar.Thakur has done enough to keep his place in the squad.



Dk in place of Raina if its a pacy pitch with no grip for spinners.

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4 hours ago, velu said:


harcore tamil nationalist vaiko is a proper telugu guy :phehe: 

atleast redyys can claim that few speak tamil like reddiars .. but naidus are always considred golts ( gopalswamy naidu ) 

I have had quite a few naidu friends they are quite fiesty in their tamil identity but the gag is always that they are telugu folks of chennai...

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