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Manish Pandey says " somebody had to go for the big hits. It was my job and I did that."

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13 hours ago, ipl_16 said:

28 of 27... Is he talking about a different match or is he that dumb to talk about his final innings.

It's time we get him of national T20 squad. ODI -- not sure.

Manish Pandey's actual statement:


"Oh my God," says Manish Pandey. "When I fell, I knew someone had to play a blinder. But we had the belief we could do it and DK has always done it. But oh my God." (source: Cricinfo) 

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delete this thread... lets hate on Manish Pandey for the right reasons...


we shouldn't hate on modi for not having a girlfriend or Kejriwal for choosing a political career or Rahul Gandhi for still thinking that he can be the Indian PM in the next elections... lets hate on people for the right reasons... 

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