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Best bowling performances in IPL 2018

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At least one of the following filter will apply to qualify for the listing in best performances. We do not want every Tom, Dick and Harry. Only the top performers, hence the filter is strict. Yet, we are having a good number of best bowling spells so far.


1. Minimum 3 wickets in one bowling innings and conceded less than 28 runs.

2. Minimum 4 wickets on one bowling innings and conceded less than 40 runs .

3. 5 wickets in an innings and conceded less than 55 runs.

4. 6 or more wickets and conceded less than 60 runs.



Let's see which bowler is giving good number of wickets in an innings while choking runs. Bowlers who qualify in both expectations ( wickets while choking runs) are the better ones than those who just pick wicket but leak relatively more runs or just choke runs but pick no wickets.


A lot of Indian bowlers in the list so far, which is a very good sign. Mayank Markande is the leader of bowlers in IPL so far with 2 such great bowling performances.  Well done Kiddo. :cheer:



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With all the money they need to get real analytics done like baseball. This way they can understand who the best batsman and bowler is. Playing conditions by the end of the season will average out.

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