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Why does India's bowling and batting never peak at the same time?

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When India's batsmen such as Rahane, Pujara and indeed Kohli were peaking 2 or 3 years ago, the pace bowlers did not peak.

Now the bowling all round power is on the incline but this necessitates the decline of Rahane and Pujara.


Why is it that the bowling and batting never impresses at the same time? Is it to do with squad profiles (aging mechanisms)? Is it due to the fetishism of experience (and therefore distrust of younger players?)

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i think your question is perhaps best answered thus- 


this is first time india has quality bowling options . spin pace and youth . tremendous competition .allrounders like pandya , karthick , sundar etc .


now regards batting . batsmen come and go . batting is still good . dhawan rahane kohli rahul .. gill karthick and numerous others . remember bowling wins u series when backed by catching and good team selection


our problems rt now are with catching and team selection - its the stupid coach and the worst catchers i have seen . 


so if india do well with team selection half the battle is won . then if kohli no longer stands in slips we will win the series  

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I think what is going on like in last SA series is that if wkt is assisting bowlers it is hard for batsman to make runs. Bowlers look good and not batsman. In reverse if wkt is assisting batsman then bowlers dont look good. That is true against good teams. Against poor teams it looks like they peak at the same time.

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