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Top 10 Batsmen [ IPL 2018 ]

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MS Dhoni :p:



1) Highest average ( 90 and the second best is 58 )

2) Second highest strike rate

3) Highest number of sixes

4) Highest frequency of sixes ( hits  six every 8.04 balls ..  adjusted to two decimal places )

5) Highest number of not outs ( 60% ) 




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I would put Buttler in top 5. Liked the way he batted. Consistency when runs are scored at good pace is very rare.


He is fearless. Prasidh was bowling fast and he treated him like spinner, getting down and playing the scoop shot. In fact he did that twice, that too on back to back deliveries. He knows how to toy with the bowlers. Sadly due to less matches his name is nowhere in top 10 batsmen. 

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