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Abhishek Sharma is a star!!!

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Short posts, please. 
What criteria do KP or Nitish Rana dont fulfill? 
MI talent scout is one of the best. Bumrah was good even in domestics. He attributed his consistency in  accuracte yorkers to Malinga and Mumbai franchise. 
You say no way Bumrah, Hardik, krunal, Nitish get publicity if not a part of MI franchise. Well, RR spend 12 crore on Unadkat and few on Chawal as well.You see their choice of talent is itself bad. I put it this way : MI and DD (recent years only) have been exceptional in scouting for talent and backing them. 
Kohli/Shastri/Dhoni is confident that they can win matches without KP or Nitish.

Please don't deny the power of Ambanis LOL.
I know you are an MI fan but I don't think there was any way MI would have qualified for the play offs the way they were playing in this IPL.
Infact, the wins against KKR are highly suspicious.
Also the miraculous way they recovered from their disastrous position in the IPL points table , completing every requirement that was a near impossible thing is pretty absurd without fixing.

Yup Yup, MI talent scout must be good but you can't just refuse to see Nita Ambani's influence over Indian Sports as whole.
Including players scouted by her in the Indian Cricket team gives a lot of credits to her.
She just loves to be hailed as the foster mom who saves Indian Cricket by nurturing super talented players and eventually getting them a place at the Main Team.
Her love for the spotlight is insatiable LMAO.
Unadkat getting 12 cr exposed one of the main flaws of IPL-that a faltu player who doesn't deserve to get even 20 lakhs gets sold at 15 cr and the one who deserves to play remains unsold.
That bidding war entirely happened due to RR and some other team(KXIP?) cross bidding each other out just because he had one good season.

Both of them wanted him in the team.

DD is genuinely investing in finding and training talented youngsters though.

But as much as talented and skilled they are ,they have a **** bowling unit and the batting and bowling don't click together often.

Honestly, 2-3 years from now , I can see DD becoming the new RCB and Feroz Shah Kotla being the new Chinnaswamy.

Uparse both Shreyas and Pant are choking in their international opportunities 

Atleast Iyer is with Sajdeh now - he will get a long rope to improve himself but Pant is looking bleak LOL.

By the time Dhoni retires , Pant will be in his late 20s and BCCI just might get another talented wicketkeeper-batsman.

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