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Pant and Samson shud bat at 3 from now on for their franchises

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They both have done so well, i sometimes wonder why are they coming at 4. Best place to bat in t20 is top 3.....if they come a position ahead they will get 10 balls more which can be turned into 20-25 runs by them. Samson did well at 3 and just to adjust short they changed his spot which affected his form. Rahane is better in PP, lets be honest darcy short hasnt done anything n rahane wud be better option which will allow samson to bat at 3.Iyer is not half as good as pant so better pant come ahead n play 10 more balls , n shud even get a chance to exploit powerplays. They both have been really good infact pant has been outstanding this season then why not give them more balls to get max out of them. 

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pant is fine where he is and its better for his future anyway as his role in indian team is gonna be of middle overs finisher and six hitter.

one of the most underrated aspect of pant is that instead of bullying bowlers in powerplays and death he is destroying them in middle overs which is usually duller part of game and at 4 its perfect position in this delhi team and he can also stay till end and finish.


samson on the other hand i totally agree and they can play klassen or someone else after him with rahane and butler opening (its kind of balanced but rahane needs to get out when he starts to struggle after powerplays like he did in this last game ) 


we already have way too many top order players and pant is rare guy who actually suits middle or lower order better and i dont think we need to mess with that as its working wonderfully. sometimes at number 3 you are forced to play innings which are slower and play swing which i dont know pant is supposed to do while at 4 he always has license to play his game as delhi is getting decent starts with iyer usually playing within himself and providing stability(last game was awful for him though). 

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