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Has DRS become a tool to "facilitate" some higher decisions

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I know it's better to ignore attention seeking trolls, but sometimes you have to break the lies that they peddle repeatedly lest the tireless repetition make it appear true. If anything, CSK was at the receiving end of the umpiring decisions yesterday.

1. Starting with the Braithwaite's low 'catch' off the turf, where the ball clearly seemed to bounce off his fingers, but the umpire in all his wisdom decided to give 'Out' as the soft signal despite being miles away and definitely not in a position to take a decisive stand. With that biased soft signal, the third umpire had been virtually been compelled to toe the signal unless he can produce an absolutely conclusive evidence that it can be overruled. Regardless of how strong Braithwaite was, can you imagine what will happen when a hard ball travelling with such velocity from so high lands flush on the fingers( and not safely nesting into the palms)?


2. Coming to Faf's LBW decision itself, it was quite evident to the naked eye that it was sliding down leg except to the blind umpire who readily gave it out. Forget about the fans, Brett Lee in the dugout immediately claimed with conviction that it was sliding down leg and the faulty decision will have to be reversed with the review. Thank god for the howler and unfairness destructor called DRS!


Putting aside the facts, you remember me of one thing. In every movie or novel I read, I wait for the reason or tag line that justifies their title. Similarly, it has taken a few years for you, but now you are finally living up to your nickname and are totally related with it :)

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