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Steven Smith 'spent four days in tears' after ball-tampering scandal

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"To be honest, I probably spent four days in tears. I was really struggling mentally and I was really lucky that I had some close friends and family members that I could speak to at all hours of the day," Smith said in audio obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald.

"The people that I had supporting me through that whole time made a huge difference to the head space I am in now."

While Warner took part in the New South Wales squad's 2km time trial to start their pre-season training schedule, Smith is expected to keep training privately before making the trip to Toronto, for a tournament where he will donate his fees to community cricket projects in Canada and Australia.

Warner will turn out for the Winnipeg Hawks in the tournament that runs from June 28 to July 15, while Smith - a marquee player - will play for Toronto Nationals. After this tournament, Warner has committed to playing cricket in Australia's Northern Territory along with Cameron Bancroft, the third player to be banned during the scandal. They will play in Darwin's limited-overs Strike League, with Bancroft committing to playing the entire tournament while Warner will play two games.

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Why are the two cheats being allowed to play in Canada? Can't they stay under the radar for a year keeping themselves fit and practicing quietly? Why do they need to be in the news all the time? 

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TBH it's very boring to watch cricket without Smith in action, like tennis without Federer...this is exactly how I felt when Fed was out for 6 months after his knee surgery. Very nervous about Smith's comeback next year, a year off for will take its toll no matter how special the player is. Even the Aus tour later this year will be meh without the greatest modern day batsman aka King Smith in action. I want India to win but also want a full strength Aussie and Smith is their Achilles......heart goes out to him. Just hope he doesn't get depressed or fall off the rails because of this unjust ban, needs to keep his mind and body active these next 10 months....will be extremely boring but hopefully will make him even more hungry for success when he returns. In the meantime hopefully KL Rahul fills the void left by the Great One and becomes the logical challenger to the Aussie's crown. Or even Kohli for that matter if he has the calibre. 

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