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How Rohit Sharma leads you towards the path to enlightenment

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6 minutes ago, Gollum said:

You are overcompensating now that @velu has pledged abstinence from Dhoni bhakti. 

Just like “come to India” my thread had been misunderstood...In another era these would have been scriptures...My job is to show the light and path to enlightenment.


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3 hours ago, maniac said:



great post very entertaining, not seeing a gifted horse in the mouth but the yogi in the pic is not an accurate description of Rohit sharma. How can i say this ? there are one too many...no cant say that.. its a yogini.

Edited by Vilander

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Premature to be spiritual wrt Rohit. Spirituality comes in when the businessman/sportsman is done and dusted. Rohit most likely still has it in him to hammer SL/WI for another couple of seasons on pattas. 

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