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Err...Virat Kohli the panauti.

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7 hours ago, sourab10forever said:

Virat from Punjab - KXIP never won IPL

Virat stayed in Delhi - DD never win IPL

Virat Played for Bengaluru - RCB never win IPL

Virat married a mumbai girl this year- Mumbai didn't qualify in this year's IPL

Virat captained India in CT2017-Worst match of our lives.

Virat got married in Italy this year-Italy didn't qualify for the FIFA WC this year

Virat started supporting Germany two or three years back -Germany didn't win Euro and now the results are showing in the current WC.



Just Saying!


He went to support an ISL football team in finals....his team lost there too

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1 hour ago, UnknownGenius said:

Saurabwhatever needs to realize that RCB are ****


Every year he starts a thread saying something along the lines of "this is our year" or "e saala cup namde" only to disappear five games into the tournament once he realizes chokers are hot garbage

Dude fuçk off. I was here right through. Next time I'll make sure to mark my attendance for nobodies like you.


Open your eyes and check my id. It's right there in the OP. You don't have to type Saurabwhatever. Or maybe you want me to teach you how to read eh? Consider removing the 'Genius' from your ID you 4th grader.



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Focus guys focus. 


On topic, Has there been a company that tanked after Kohli advertised for it? :laugh:


Here's another example of a Panauti-- saala award bhi lega aur tumhare career ko aadha kha bhi jaayega, pancho.



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