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2nd test: India Vs England at: 3.30 pm IST on 9 August at Lords

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2 minutes ago, YCCC said:

They're swing bowlers. If they were doing this on a flat pitch under cloudless skies there would be suspicions.


They are very very good at what they do even if they need certain conditions to do it it should not take away from their skills

Agreed. They do very well in helpful conditions IN Eng.

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9 minutes ago, Lala said:

I think Karthik missed a wonderful opportunity to replace Saha. Pandya's place should be replaced by proper batsman. I think Jadeja would be prefer. Kuldeep is a wrong selection instead of a seamer, he should be first settle in shorter formats. Rahul is also more like shorter format batsman where he needs to first calm down before play shots. Too many poor shot selections by indian batsmen. I believe Shastri is not the right choice. There should be a foreign coach. It happened to us also when Waqar was coaching. Players are not obedient to desi coaches. Need to correct disciplines first. 

Well put

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20 hours ago, Wall2018 said:

Who cares about the shitty padosis. Let's worry about Our team...

Hahah you dont have worry, just scrap remaining tests as more humiliation awaits your  india anyway.

Edited by beetle

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Well, this must rank as one of our most embarrassing overseas defeat. Losing with one full day remaining when  one full day was already washed out and some 35 odd overs only available in one of the day. Guess the entire test was played for less than 180 overs. So we basically bundled out in less than two days. :lol:


For the rest of the matches,


I might take Dhawan over Vijay for next test, provided he doesn't stand in slips. Vijay is completely lost his confidence and Anderson with new ball against Right handers under cloud is deadly. So a left hander at least has some chance scoring some runs.


Rahul is new to England condition. So I'd wish him play all 5 tests in opening slot.


I feel no one is better at no.3 than Pujara in the squad. Guy at least can play for 50 balls. Just need to put away bad balls.


Kohli is fine but I'm afraid we won't see another century unless theres a flat pitch with sun fully out.


Rahane has regressed a lot. His mode of dismissals shows signs of low confidence and that would be deadly in difficult batting conditions with relentless bowling attack. So I might play him one more test. anymore failure, then Nair should take his place.


Pandya is fine. getting us 25 runs more often than not, which cant be said for many other top order batsmen. For a 4th seaming option, he is decent.


Pant should replace DK from next match. DK never induced confidence as a test wk/batsman. This should be his last test. Having said that, I'd hate to see him dropped from LOIs because of test performances. I still feel he could be decent lower order batsman in LOIs, provided he is not shot menatlly due to the test performances.


Ashwin/Shami should play all.


Bhuvi is a must if fit. Otherwise its juts a lottery with Umesh/Ishant/Bumrah. We wont know which version of them would turn out. I dont think, even they themselves dont know that.



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3 hours ago, InziRules said:

I would drop whoever thought selecting Karthik to tour England was a good idea 

Ruble hossein KKR all played some role in that- I expected little fight. This is mother of all eff ups by KKD. Couple of 50 here he would have cemented his place for a while. On the bright side now we can fast track Pant or any other keeper without reservation.

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