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Apart from poor catching kohli's has one more problem -His indecisive running

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We have already seen that when kohli n rohit are at crease , runout are around the corner. Rohit himself has runout issue . 

But kohli has started to have this issue with everyone , so many times ull see him being indecisive while running. I think it happened with him n dhawan in Sa, today with pujara . In these conditions runout is the last thing u want and captain is leading on that front including poor catches .

High time kohli starts to work this out with everyone in nets 

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9 hours ago, Laaloo said:

But it's only when pujara is at the other end right? I saw him with rahane and they were taking quick singles. Had no issues. I agree Kohli sold pujara a dummy today but pujara needs to be smarter. You have to put blame on him as well.

It has happened with him n dhawan to , kohli n rohit has involved in so many run outs 

Agree pujara is lazy on his feet that a topic discussed to death but their is a issue with kohli has well


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