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Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

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This is breaking news guys and has not been made public yet. I am telling you this in confidence, so please do NOT share it with the rest of the world until beginning of play on day 3.


Joe Root and ECB have twisted ICC's arm to change the rules to allow complete negation of India's first innings and allow them to bat again. It seems they were all irked by Shastrichod's ghanta video tweet about raising the heat or something. They think they can bundle India a second time in the 1st inning AGAIN for less than 50 or so and raise the heat on that idiot's auss one more time, you know just to rub it in.


When the news was relayed to the India team, Kohli was ready to bat again, but Shastri begged him to let it go. His auss is already sore from all the heat he has received on the 2nd day and he can't take it any more. But, Kohli being the alpha male as he is, ignored his coaches pleas and relayed to England that India is OK with starting the match over with India batting first. Meanwhile, Shastri has checked into the local hospital for preventative proctal aggravation treatment. :giggle:


India first innings (2nd time) 58 all out. England 200 - 3 first innings declared. Match set to be over on Day 4. Innings defeat looms. Prognosis - Shastri auss may not survive!! :cry:

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17 hours ago, Gollum said:

Tomorrow is the day our test tour will go off the wheels.....England will put the boots on our necks and extract the last bit of fight remaining. Bowlers have carried the show for the last 3 years and tomorrow they will finally break down. 

I suppose this answer is the winner. Ominous signs.

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