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Where are our Kraigg Brathwaite and Shai Hope?

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1 minute ago, Gollum said:

I am talking about the current bunch. Those 3 haven't even debuted. 

Apologies. I thought you were referring to the newbies. 


Yep, I have enough faith that they will atleast average above 20.If not certainly will average over 10. Might even happen that we see them averaging between 20- 40.

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I want Sunny, Sachin & Dravid to read this thread, Indian cricket team's fans of 2018 are desperate for batsmen of the caliber of Hope & Brathwaite. They can then reconsider their diplomatic stance on everything.

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try the youngsters like Shaw, Pant & Gill  as early as possible, even  before they turn 21 . Give them enough time to settle down.As possible have an equal mix of left & right handed batsmen in the team. And get as much as 2 dimensional players like Kohli(playing at least 2 main formats) .These current  one dimensional bunch(almost all  right handed or only one format playing or over 30 or a combination of all these).Such bunch can only bring negativity &  utter lack of  confidence while batting. Even a bunch of 11 Shamis can 

score way more than 107 total.He scored 10 off mere 3 balls with aggressive batting while the hack Pujara scored 1 off 25 and ran himself out.

 The adv: with the type of top six I specified is that  they being left-right combo,  playing both formats never allows bowlers to settle with their positive frame of mind and there by stroke play. Even in tough bowling conditions, they can score far more than what the current bunch of hacks could score yesterday(107 all out) & in much easy conditions they can be absolutely devastating.


Kohli is  one of them. We need other 5 of almost same calibre. On the other hand hacks like Pujara brings  only negativity & lack of self belief to the entire team  by this tuk tuk approach.Even Vijay seems to be done and dusted.

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