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Was first test our best chance to win the match or we can still win a test or 2 here?

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First test need 1 fluke inning or just bit of extra support from batsmen, but missed that chance?


Is it going downhill from here or can we still win a match in this series?


It seems current set of players aren't even as good as what they did last time. First 2 tests in England we were up 1-0 and now we could be 2-0, first 2 tests in SA we were 1-0 in 2014, and last time 2-0.

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First test was certainly a golden opportunity. A little bit of sensible batting at the top, lets say ten more runs by vijay , KL and dhawan, would have done the trick.


Having said that there is no reason why india cant win one or two test matches here. 

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