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Visiting teams in England and Wales this decade

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1-8 about to be 1-9 surely in less than 24 hours time. This is a shocking stat, we are the worst visiting team there below Lanka and WI. 


SA and Pak are most successful :hatsoff:


Pakistan has won more tests (4) in England in 2010s than we could manage in the last 3 decades (3). Pakistan has won as many tests over there since 2016 as us since 1987. Lanka lost 0-1 in 2011 in early summer (freak collapse in Cardiff), same year we were wiped out 0-4. Only Bangladesh have been worse but they played only 2 tests, both against that outstanding outfit under Strauss. 


Does BCCI care? Does Indian team management care? Do players, coaches, selectors, ex-players, experts, commentators, journalists and fans care? Why no attempts to set right this disastrous record? A rookie Pak team drew them a couple of months back, in 2016 the Misbah led side dominated the series in a thrilling 2-2 draw.....aur hume dekho. No effing pride in these losers, zero preparation yet again before the marquee clash. This is a beatable English side and here we are playing the court jester's role while the whole cricketing world laughs and makes merry. 

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