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This game will be a draw, don't need to watch anymore

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I'm giving you a warning 4 days in advance. India will score 400, England will score more... There'll he rain as well. No result to this match since England doesn't need to win

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Not accounting for weather, Ind is likely to get bowled out tomorrow. If Eng bats for 1.5 days, 3 days will be gone. Ind is known to make heros out of zeros so if we find a way to get bowled out for 150 in our 2nd, we may create a scenario that produces a result :dontknow:

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42 minutes ago, Bilal78 said:

Draws have just gone out of the game, it’s difficult to draw a Test with one day washed out, we get results in 3-4 days easily, the draw has almost vanished, tbh I know it’s a bit stupid watching five days of cricket and ending up no better at the end than at the start, but I do hope the draw makes a comeback because it is a part of the game in Tests, getting a result every time takes out something from the game.


To be fair to India though they do draw away from home, In Australia they drew two tests then in England and NZ one each last tours.


We May see a draw if England make 450 otherwise there is 80%+ chance of a draw.

Bhai kis zamane mei pare ho? 


If I'm investing 5 days to a game...there better be a result.... more ppl are employed now than eons back when the laws n the game was created. 

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England's batting is shocking especially under pressure. When they're 80-4 as usual tomorrow they'll be in big trouble. India to get a three figure lead.


Pitch isn't flat either and I think it will get harder to bat on. Variable bounce and spin may come into play. And even if it doesn't England will give their wickets away. If India can't close this out and win the match they might as well go home (except I have tickets for the Oval so they Shouldn't really :winky:)

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4 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

India close to 400

England 700

India 250

Innings defeat

Thats exactly what happened to England in that test when nair got a triple hundred. 

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