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Rank your top #5 favorite Indian Cricketers !!!

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From retired cricketers: 

  • Sehwag (attitude towards cricket. When others would slow down near a landmark, he would go for a 6)

Others in no particular order:

  • Sachin (the 1990s) 
  • Srinath (that spell at A'bad vs SA. For the first time saw an Ind fast bowler destroy the opposition in such a fashion) 
  • Gavaskar (respect him for his test record and technique)
  • A lot of cricketers compete for this position. May be Mankad, Ind's quality first all-rounder

(the list is dynamic so could change) 

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1.  Late 90s Sachin.  Never was another like him, never will be.  Sheer quality, unmatched class, pure sizzling talent, technique in a rare prodigy that actually delivered to his potential.


2.  Veeru - Daredevil.  Most entertaining test batsman I have ever had the pleasure of watching.  

3.  Irfan Pathan  (Injuries, motivation issues, bad luck whatever - if he had lived up to his potential, we would have had a world-class all-rounder for a decade, and a whole lot of overseas test wins.  Kind of like the one in Perth where he was MoTM.

4.  Anil Kumble.  Lionheart.  Bit boring, but won me over completely when he bowled with a broken jaw in the caribbean.  Made me realize how crucial he has been for the team's fate.  

5.  Bumrah.   Not just his skill and pace.  Never have I seen such a wise beyond his years, mature, seasoned bowler at his age.   And he happens to be Indian!  Absolute world class.  Such a tremendously quick learner, the guy is an old soul of bowling.  He's no 1 or 2 trick pony with the ball, he keeps evolving and will continue to do so.  I just pray he stays fit for a healthy chunk of time.  He can potentially go on to be India's first ever leader of a bowling attack.  We've never had a pace bowler who's done that.  Zaheer was kind-of that, towards the end, but to be honest, he wasn't up there in quality and pace as Bumrah is (or can be).  


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Srinath during 1996-2001


View overall figures [change view]
Primary team India remove India from query or Pakistan remove Pakistan from query or Sri Lanka remove Sri Lanka from query
Opposition team Australia remove Australia from query or England remove England from query or India remove India from query or New Zealand remove New Zealand from query or Pakistan remove Pakistan from query or South Africa remove South Africa from query or Sri Lankaremove Sri Lanka from query or West Indies remove West Indies from query
Start of match date between 1 Jan 1996 and 1 Jan 2002 remove between 1 Jan 1996 and 1 Jan 2002 from query
Type of bowler (by style) pace bowler remove pace bowler from query
Ordered by wickets taken (descending)
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Overall figures
Player Span Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs WktsDescending BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 5 10  
J Srinath (INDIA) 1996-2001 33 61 1308.4 298 4058 143 8/86 13/132 28.37 3.10 54.9 9 1 investigate this query
WPUJC Vaas (SL) 1996-2001 36 60 1296.0 298 3450 113 7/71 14/191 30.53 2.66 68.8 3 1 investigate this query
Wasim Akram (PAK) 1996-2001 30 52 1013.4 229 2720 102 6/61 11/110 26.66 2.68 59.6 3 1 investigate this query
Waqar Younis (PAK) 1996-2001 29 52 889.4 166 2846 99 6/78 10/133 28.74 3.19 53.9 1 1 investigate this query
BKV Prasad (INDIA) 1996-2001 33 58 1173.3 275 3360 96 6/33 10/153 35.00 2.86 73.3 7 1 investigate this query
Shoaib Akhtar (PAK) 1997-2001 14 26 421.2 62 1464 41 5/43 8/118 35.70 3.47 61.6 2 0

investigate this query




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Talking only about those I have watched.








Honourable mentions: VVS, Ganguly, Kumble, Srinath, Zak, Saha, Jadeja, KLR


Hope more bowlers get in my list in a few year's time, personally prefer the art of bowling over batting. Test cricket is the only cricket I care about.....so UV, Dhoni, Gambhir etc had to be left out. Dhoni would have still made my list but his conduct over the past 5 years has made me dislike him a lot, before India's tour of WI in 2011 I was a huge fan of MSD.

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Very tough to name just 5 but ever Since I started watching  





Umesh ,pandya currently 

Honourable mentions : long haired dhoni (guy was awesome back then ) ,sreesanth, agarkar,vvs ,kohli,nehra ,gambir (during 2007) , robin Singh 

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15 hours ago, velu said:



1) Sehwag < anyday anytime >

< daylight > 

2) Aggressive Sachin < till 2003 >

3) Aggressive  longhair Dhoni < till 2013 >

4) yuvraj 

5) dravid

Aaah so my FAVOURITE Indian cricketers are funny , at least that's better than being called a troll for liking them !!

My most sincere apologies to ICF's for not getting sexually aroused by the names Tentulkar, Dhoni or Kohli :phehe:

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From current players in no particular order except for the last one:


  • Kohli
  • Dhoni
  • Hardik Pandya
  • Bumrah
  • Again a lot of players compete for this one


As you can see the above our cricketers who play or used to play with a never say die spirit and/or have special skills .... Again this is a dynamic list so it could change 

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'best'  fits the 'favourite' criteria  for me.


Hence in the order


1. Sachin Tendulkar

2. Kapil dev

3. Sunil Gavaskar

4. Rahul Dravid

5. Mahendra Dhoni


all above are ATG players. Kohli has the potential  to break into the lilst.

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Sehwag, Gambhir, Raina, Srinath, Zaheer


common theme between them...selfless...watching them play you always felt for them team always came first regardless of their personal circumstances...no BS like milestones, when out of form still

play their natural game, no silly following “process” etc

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