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Rank your top #5 favorite Indian Cricketers !!!

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Off the ones I watched


SRT - Just could not leave the TV till he was at the crease. The batting god.

RD - The assurance I had when he was at the crease will probably remain unmatchable forever.

Kumble - Our trump card. whenever we looked helpess during a long partnership he gave me the hope.

Viru - for the sheer terror he had in the opposition team. 

VVS - The eternal savior. The way he stood up to the mighty Aussies and the reason we remained the team to beat even for the best team of all time.




MSD - Had everything a late order bat should have the game awareness, the temperament, the hitting ability. The sense of calm he generated while chasing was so immense that sometimes I still feel the same when he bats but then soon I realise he is not the same MSD.

Kohli - when we bowl first and our bowlers are getting smashed the feeling he gives that no matter how much we concede we are never out till Virat falls. superhuman ability to chase down any total. His innings in Hobart then 183 against Pakistan

Yuvi - The ability to rise to the occasion. Can never forget 2007 WT20 and 2011 WC. 

Ganguly - The captaincy, the change he brought in the culture, the team he left us with and was as good a bat as any in his prime.

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