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Indian test team batting , Past vs Current batsmen shootout !!!

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Sehwag vs Dhawan , Sehwag [ 1 - 0 ]

Gambhir vs Rahul , Gambhir [ 2 - 0 ]

Dravid vs  Pujara , Dravid [ 3 - 0 ]

Sachin vs Kohli , Kohli [ 3 - 1 ] 

Laxman vs Rahane , Laxman [ 4 - 1 ]

Ganguly vs Pandya , Ganguly[ 5 - 1 ]

Dhoni vs Pant , Dhoni  [ 6 - 1 ] 



Previous ( immediate past ) batsmen wins the shootout hands down !!!  :biggrin: :yess:

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At this point of time ,kohli and shastri would beg to even have someone like ganguly in their side because this team desperately needs a lefty middle order batsmen who can play spin well and bat decently in such conditions 

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49 minutes ago, speedheat said:

Just imagine if fab 5 had current bowling attack

They were too chicken to play with 5 bowlers.They did try like in Karachi 2006 where Pathan got hatrick but they just could not not do anything.

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5 minutes ago, putrevus said:

I think Ganguly was not there in 2006 so they just had five batsmen.

Not in that test match but mostly he used to act as 5th bowler for them, also agree that they were chickens (except swewhag and sachin) to play with 5 bowlers. Only Kohli had gutzz to to go with 5 bowlers when he started as captain and now he is developing pandya as fifth bowler, reason why I value kohli so much as a captain.

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