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Suggest ways & means ICC Umpires can help England win the test series...

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This is not a :whine: topic and credit to England for outclassing India in the test series...


However, I’ve noticed that umpires have been exceedingly harsh on Indian team and players throughout the series, be it using like a group of errand boys to ask bat during rain interruption to bow Ishant being given 2 “ final warnings” for landing, albeit “marginally and occasionally”,in the danger area of pitch where as Holding pointed out that Clouderson actually bowls landing in the danger area day in & out!


Hence I’m asking you to suggest more ways and means to the ICC umpires to treat this Indian team worse than a 3rd class asylum seekers...

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The only way around it is to write a formal complaint against these jokers. No need to critisize them in public. But Shastri has to have a nightcap and then hangover in the morning. No to time to lodge a protest.

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Will he ban Anderson as well?

No. But what prevents us to Lodge a formal complaint instead of wasting all the time cheerleading and boozing?


I was expecting atleast some protest after the Lords Test about how umpires used the Indian batsmen as Errand boys at their beck & call while drizzling..

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Be prepared that the worst umpiring decisions/errors, most likely going against india, are yet to come on the tour to australia

Cricket is still a white man's game

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