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Delhi Daredevils Likely to Scap ‘Devils’ for the 2019 Indian Premier League Edition

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3 minutes ago, Switchblade said:

They have good young players their international stars failed will be criminal to retain Maxwell over Munro.

How many seasons before they get addicted to modelling? 

Prithvi is bad looking and so is Pant but the likes of Sharma and Kalra looks like they'll jump the moment KJo offers them SOTY3

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1 minute ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:

Abbey Dhur!!

That's Karan Tacker. 

And this guy is Wahi. 

The guy who played that Sallu wala role in Cashyup's Sacred Games

So you have no info about wahi being straight or gay:om:  according to your close sources..



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10 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

Yes Delhi with a new name will be better than Daredevils. As long as its Delhi is what matters to me. But these people better win some shyt. We haven’t won anything in ages. 


Lets go Delhi.



That’s for the governing council to decide if they let us win once.

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2 hours ago, Switchblade said:

That’s for the governing council to decide if they let us win once.

They'll win after everybody has their shares.

They neither have fanbase nor Some popular stars. 

Icon Pant largely failed in his international outings. 

And when even RCB with ABDV and Kohli couldn't win it,  why do you expect DD to win it? 

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3 hours ago, beetle said:

Possible names.

Delhi dhamaka

Delhi dhols:p:



Makes sense as:


  • Dhamaka -> They implode
  • Dhols -> Sab uski Dhol bajate hai 
  • Dilwale -> Donate games 




PS the tagline can be "Delhi Dilwale Dhols ka Dhamaka" 

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IIRC, Akshay Kumar was associated with Delhi Daredevils at the beginning. That prolly had something to do with the name daredevils
I remember that there was a contest in newspapers before start of the IPL inaugural season in 2008 ..based on suggwstions received ,two names were shortlisted -Delhi Daredevils and Delhi Mughals and votes were invited with participatoon priZe of a bag of goodies ..I still have that Coke Daredevils bag ..

Acoordingly ,in that voting ,DElhi Daredevils name previaled over Delhi Mughals

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