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Stan AF

Deadweights and Hacks in the test team.

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I don't know about you guys but im *ing fed up of IPL hacks and ODI bilateral stars ruining Indian Test cricket. This has been going on for the last 6-7 years atleast I can name a few but you all know who i'm talking about.


Test batsmen must be kept away from IPL. Picking opening batsmen who have no clue how to negotiate the new ball. Gone are the days where we have reliable batsmen in multiple formats. Batsmen thought process have been clearly corrupted by the shorter formats. Picking test batsmen especially from IPL and shorter formats must be clearly a no-no. Most batsmen except Kohli simply don't have the hunger to score runs. Plain and simple. There is simply no repercussions for bad batting in tests from the BCCI management, IMO.  Just look at how australia dropped 5-6 players mid tour like 2 years ago.


Picking Half baked all rounders (half batsmen, half bowlers) and non spinners into the test 11. We haven't developed any exciting new young all rounder talent in the last 5 years or so. Heck, we don't even have a settled and a reliable keeper.


Previously, Rewarding test failures as a captain an extended period at captaincy when they should have been dropped rightaway has already set a bad precedent and something that can never be reversed or erased from history. Add this to a coach who neither has vision nor has credentials. I'm pretty sure that Shasthri will get away with this.


The basic root of the problem is we don't pick the right team. Too many deadweights dragging the team down. The rot is severe. The test team must be made independent from IPL and Bilateral bashers.

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We need new openers.


We need a spinner who keeps it simple, gets turn, bounce, spin and is consistent. Jadeja is perfect for this. Ashwin needs to be away for a while. He's just too complex overseas.


Pant is fine he will only get better.



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