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Seris is lost, but isn't there still chance of a strong teem???

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Despite the series lost , I still feel that we can build a strong team   in the near future. This because our problem in the past has always been bowling , especially pace. But both the set of seamers & spinners  so effectively make up the ingredients required of an all round team. Concern is of batting which has always been our strong point &  keeping.Traditionally our domestic has always churned out quality batsmen. It is just that we need to find replacements for complete hacks , ' past  by sell date & only at the best 'good' ', talented but yet disappointed youngsters  etc,  etc like Dhawan,Rahul,Pujara,Kartik,Vijay etc etc. With so much  promising youngsters  like Shaw,Vihari,Gill,Iyer coming up there is hope of finding that quality replacements to support Kohli & Rahane, who  for me as of now are  the only 2 more or less assured  components needed for that 'TOP 6' .

WKs like Pant & Saha seems quality enough for that spot. That being the case, it is only a matter of time  that we trace out those 4 quality batsmen

to compliment Kohli & Rahane  .Thoughts.

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17 minutes ago, Vilander said:

KL rahul is a huge disappointment, he needs to work on his game. 


Shaw and possibly Vihari + Gill Mayank need to be eventually tried. Nair too. 

more over he is way past 26 years of age. with all due respect to Karun Nair,Mayank etc they are way past 26 years of age. I think  an youngster should be tried  at the least before  turning 25  so that ample time is allowed to build in confidence.


the arrival of Ganguly & Dravid( 2 23 year old youngsters) with a bang still give goose bumps when thinking about that.  

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