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The incredible story of "process", the eureka moment for Ind cricket

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Once up a time when Dhoni was the captain, Ind went from one loss to another overseas. To change the outcome, the captain had tried everything he could think of. He had backed trundlers to come good and also because he could keep similar to keeping to spinners. One trundler after another came, but the opposition kept piling runs. The batsmen always seemed to score less than what the opposition got. 


In business this would be a turnaround case where a failure could result in the business going out-of-business. But this was sport and he had the luxury to experiment. After every loss, the press hounded him with difficult to answer questions. Would he be seen as someone who sang while Rome was burning? 


After endless sleepless nights and brainstorming sessions, Dhoni was stuck, like a lightening bolt hitting the brain, with the "Eureka" moment. The root cause of all the pressure including from press and fans was because Ind was losing. There was no way to turn it around especially at the expense of his favorite players and in the short-mid term.


What if he designed a system which took wins and losses out of equation? What if the team could just go out and play, and still be cool after numerous losses? One way to do it was to come up with the "process" system whereby Team Ind followed a process. Wins and losses were a by-product of following this process. Cricket was not to be seen as a sport where wins/losses mattered as much as the process. Process was to be the king. 


The fans would be expected to say "So what if Ind lost, we followed the right process.". Instead of the press inquiring about why India lost or when he would retire, the questions would be on the "process" - "Sir, you implemented this process very nicely." 


And that is how, my friends, the term process was invented for Ind cricket. Therefore, in process we believe 



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Process is awesome. :hatsoff: Dhoni and Dravid and Chappell. Finally we have build the strongest bowling attack that was possible and also destroy all other team by making their players play in IPL. Genius idea.


Just that they did not know that Virat will turn it into bollywood circus with all fake acting and PR and dialoguebaazi. Team full of showboats

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