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Team manager must file honest report after tour, says Diana Edulji

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“We have consciously avoided getting involved in on-field activities and strongly feel that the team management and selectors are there to look into the performance of the players. But yes, we will definitely review the performance of the coaching staff when it comes up for a review. As you are aware, they are all on a one-year contract,” she explained.

“Like I said, we stay away from on-field activities, but if need arises, I can always talk to Vinod Rai about any issue,” she said.


“I do get what you are trying to ask, but then, that is where the manager has to be honest to his role. The manager must file an honest report of whatever happened during the England tour. If you see black and then you decide to call it white, that doesn’t become white. I am sure he will be fair in his assessment,” she clarified.


“I know a lot is being said and written, but let us be fair. Criticism isn’t a problem, but it should be constructive. If you look at how the series has panned out, it was only the Lord’s Test where we were completely outplayed. But even then, there was a luck factor. We batted in testing conditions in both the innings while the sun was out and beating down when England took strike. But yes, there are areas which need to be looked into and there is no denying that,” she said.

“Virat has scored over 500 runs and you cannot expect anything more from him. He has been brilliant and I feel that the others needed to rise to the challenge. To be fair, when you travel to England in the second half of the summer, batting becomes slightly easier. Despite that, the bowlers have done an excellent job. They have picked 80 wickets in the series and if you see, they have been at the top of their game right from the South Africa series and that is heartening to see,” she signed off.


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