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George Bailey vs Jimmy Anderson !!!

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This is funny stuff  :rotfl: 


George Bailey's memorable run-ins with the fast bowler who will soon become Test cricket's most prolific wicket-taker have been given a fresh comedic spin through the Australian's enthusiastic retelling of Ashes folklore.


Bailey recounted tale of him "strolling from end to end in my designated role at short leg".


"I don't think there are any old wounds," Bailey told cricket.com.au after the speech. "I talk them up in a few stories (but) I've said 'G'day' to him a couple of times crossing paths.


"And then he said … out of everyone on the field, I was the one he'd most like to punch, which I thought was a bit rough; Davey Warner just hadn't drawn breath the whole time, and I thought, 'I've been quite friendly here'.  :rotfl: 


"We had a hit of tennis at the WACA - I think I was up 2-6, 4-6, 4-6 and then Michael Clarke said I had to go back to short leg."

The clever gag of course refers to the summary of that record-equalling over – reading more like three-set Wimbledon tie than an over bowled in a five-day Ashes contest.




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