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England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

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1 minute ago, Shunya said:

lol... i tell you... all these players are saying scripted things... its all part of the plan... 4-1 se kuch farak nahi padta... they are just going to repeat same "Intent" thing again n again and their PR will turn it into sympathy...

Dadu is doing the same thing after singlehandedly losing 2 odi games.


Things are looking good in his kundali though, match against HK coming up

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3 hours ago, Laaloo said:

Umpiring has been a farce. Apart from Kohli decision in the 3rd test, umpires have been biased against us. The pathetic chain of events at Lord's taking us on and off the field and resulted in pujaras run out. In the last test, giving warning to ishant for running over the wicket unnecessarily. That bumrah no ball. We may have still lost the series if these decisions went our way but you can't deny umpiring has been a bit biased.

if being kind to 3rd umpire trapping the ball between both pad and bat at precise same moment is no reason to overturn the on field umpire. 


I see what you mean, music admit didn't really feel too hard done by over the series personally. 

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7 hours ago, Global.Baba said:

Ali Bhai and Rashid have made the entire nation of Pakistan proud by staying away from the champagne. A lot of Pakistani army generals raise their glass of scotch to that noble gesture.

They like only Desi daaru....

Brand consciousness...

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10 hours ago, Switchblade said:

Might be depressed as he has to give review of the tour to Coa might get a tea instead of alcohol there.

For once i hope this gentleman does what he ususally does best..to sashtri




Edited by Vilander

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