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120 odd runs scored in 60 overs with the loss of single wicket !!!

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Its not so bad, the wickets are falling in the third session. Test cricket is all about sessions, some more exciting and lopsided than others.
Karan gone too :cheer:
Awesome thread  :hatsoff:
Who knows What Karan does in 2nd innings

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This on field energy is one thing I absolutely love about Kohli. 

Bangalore test day 2 when we were on the verge of losing Aus home series he came out with full intensity and our bowlers made it really difficult to score. We didn't get wickets first session but later in the day Aus collapsed.

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5 minutes ago, velu said:

sounds like "Dhoniconda" :phehe: 

TBF in LOIs whenever pitches helped spinners Dhoni almost everytime choked oppositions for runs. 

Even part time spinners turned into beasts at times.

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