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Its just Painful to see this team not winning series in England

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This why India team is like this. Because of delusional fans like you. Coulda shoulda, my auss! We did not win in SA, we will lose 1-4 in England and we will lose again in Australia. Then 4 years later, rinse repeat.


It is a combination of technique, captaincy decisions, coaching decisions, personnel, etc etc. We will never win a series overseas in SENA with the status quo. Yet after every phucking series, you deluded fans lament ... only if this had gone right, only if we did this more ... Buullshyt! Wake up and smell the coffee. The current strategy will never get us there - not getting enough test acclimazation (play enough practice matches for heaven's sake), not giving practice sesssions enough importance, improper team selection, not having a pyscho-analyst on team, having an alchoholic yes-man for a coach, not having bowling & batting coaches with credentials, not avoiding nepotism and not putting country over self interest, etc. etc. I could go on and on. The entire system is broken and no one cares, let alone BCCI. Indian cricket will always remain a shyt team overseas, even with flashes of individual brilliance. If it not the batting, then it is bowling; if it is not the bowling, then it is the batting or fielding!!! :frusty:


Yet some of you just don't get it, do ya? Maybe I should stick to my word and bring long thick carrots to each one of you! Where do y'all live? :giggle:

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Lets not take credit away from england they were better side and hence they won.


Also the hype around our batting has to be moderated. At this point we are a single player team and for some reason people have started to dislike him. 


One thing is clear we are going to lose aussie series and should be happy if we reach semis of WC.

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14 minutes ago, Straight Drive said:

In a 5 test match series only two Indian batsmen have shown they have the ability to score a 100 on this tour of England.


What is the average of Rahul, Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan on this tour? Below 25?


How much is Chet and Ajinkya averaging? Below 35?

Chepu averages good ,46 .rahane has been horrible,batting at 5(the best position in England) and averaging 24 .

Dhawan 24 (got lucky he didn't bat in lords else it'd be under 20) ,Raul has been horrible as well averaging 16

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