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If you are Australian supporter

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I think the English summer and SA tour would give you great heart. In absence of Smith and Warner, it seemed liked India would bull doze them and register their first away series win down under. Now, there is a very real chance with this feeble batting line up to really pump some pressure. The way it seems now, if Kohli clicks, India can compete at best. If Kohli doesn’t, there will be no resistance. 


The Australian fast bowling attack and Lyon will be licking at the prospects of bowling to some of these Indian batsmen. 

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If Australia are smart enough,they should prepare greentops,flat pitches will help the Indian batsmen ,they would love the bounce,less lateral movement and the kookaboora ball .

Kohli will anyway lose 4 tosses and indian batsmen will flop as usual .Australia should gamble with greentops,they'll most likely win 3-1 ,India's limit is 1 test win per tour in SENA 

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