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India loses 4 tests in a 5-test series for first time in 26 years

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2 minutes ago, Stradlater said:

Yeah so I heard Shashtri saying something few days back about 'fighting spirit' , "intent' , "attacking mindset" etc etc

*IPL theme plays in the background*

Kohli said the same fearless cricket not playing for a draw both side being competitive so always results on the card.

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2 minutes ago, Pollack said:

Shastri is complete opposite of value for money. He is a waste of money or rip off for Indian cricket. Does absolutely nothing beyond cheering. We need proper coaches who can plan, strategies and have some vision. 

This lot is in need of Arthur like coach or a disciplinarian who can instill discipline in them and do proper planning.

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I hope BCCI learns and not let these 5 tests series materialise in future.Neither the players deserves these long series nor the viewers.Infact I won't be surprised if broadcasters retreat from telecasting tests in future.
True... They were thoroughly beaten by Naagin 3 And Bhagya franchise black and blue

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