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4-1 scoreline doesn’t mean we were outplayed - Virat Kohli

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Lol @lot of teams in the past have given up and thrown in the towel... and we are not like that, we have competed well... Wow ...


what a gem... Doob maro pichle 20-25 ke players... assuming he is not talking about himself for throwing in the towel in 2014, he basically is blaming all golden era players from 90s and 2000s... 

Wow... what an aggressive captain and team... just wow... thanks to this bakchodi It feels like we have won a series 4-1 in England or something



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7 hours ago, Lala said:

Yet another horrible away tour ends for India. Result was anyway predicted before start of the series.but some dumb fans were over animated before start of this series due to better performance in last SA series and saw this series was a walking in park. They have to belive SA was a depleted side and India was lucky enough to beat ODI series. But with current form, England is the team to beat. England narrowly lost the t20 series as well. There are lot of positives for India. Kohli, Rahul, pujara, pant coming to runs, bumrah bowled well, etc. India need to fill middle order with real test material they had in early 2000. Boy, that Indian team was the dominators. Wait for another England tour of India. Good luck :cantstop:

England’s current form before this series in test matches 0-4 in the Ashes 0-1 in New Zealand 1-1 with Pakistan they will be thrashed in Srilanka they are not the team to beat kabhi to logic lagao lala :facepalm:

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He isnt entirely wrong. Of the five tests, three were pretty close. The top order always fell 20 odd runs short, each. That is where the most improvement is needed.


Bowling was overall not bad, except for Ashwin who should have done better. 

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7 hours ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:

128 runs mi lord

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MiiLord was a theater where play was to  to give fodder to certain fans to justify why KD shouldnt have been picked by old rival Kumble

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